Sunday, July 1, 2012

Super Sunday!

 Started out my Sunday by checking out Sherri and Sinta's Schnibbles Parade!  I was the lead "float" in one of them, whoot whoot.  This month we can pick out our own I dug through my patterns and these eight are the ones I haven't made yet (I am amassing quite a collection!) so I picked one of these.  Any guesses on which one?  Hint, I bought it in a kit more than a  year ago at the quilt show and even barely started cutting it out but that was as far as it got.  Not telling you yet...soon it should see some progress.
 I am happy to say that I FINALLY--PAH made up the backing for Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll.  That is one HUGE quilt, and I hate piecing huge backings.  I decided to send a few quilts off to JoAnne if she has time to quilt them....she did one for me a few years ago and I kind of forgot about her til I was reading on her blog that she is looking for more quilting.  Ros has a few of mine now and one more on the way, so I thought I would spread them out some.  I also decided to see if she can do my three memory wallhangings (even though they are already prepped for quilting) because I am too afraid to ruin them with my quilting!
 Any guesses what all this good color is for?  We made a little trip to Home Depot and went a little nuts.  It just sort of happened.  Kathy was looking for a project (or two, or three) and I found her some.
 Can you guess what is coming together here?  I was happily doing some sorting while she was doing this...
 Recovered my old ironing board with some wild orange fabric that was June's (thanks June!) and then flipped it over and attached it to the shelves/cubes.  (Home Depot Martha Stewart, there is a 6 cube and a 9 cube...idea came from Alycia!  Thanks for helping me figure out how to do this!
 Here we are almost done with the recover.  Doesn't it look fabulous?  I am in love.  I never want to leave the room again, lol!
All those colors turned into this!  I have already sorted all my 2.5 strips into the front of the bins of that color and some of the 1.5 inch strips are bagged up in the back of the bin.  I have a few other odd sizes that are all in the extra bins in bags, not yet sorted by color.  This is a huge amount of storage and so much neater than what I had going on.  CJ was happy to take my plastic three drawer thing for his closet and it feels bigger and more colorful and fun in here.  We also picked out a grey/slightly light purple paint to paint my other shelf or shelves which we will get to soon.  (and paint for the kitchen too, stay tuned, lol!)
So in today's sewing news I managed to get a few more bow tie blocks done so I could add anther row to this quilt.  It looks bigger than it is here...each bow is like 3 inches so I should keep adding to this.  Still trying not to double up on any fabrics...this means I have to search the quilt to see if I already used something when I cut from my scraps.  Kind of a pain, but I guess that is what I get when I don't cut all at once!  I had a Super Sunday.  Yippee!


Amy said...

Oh golly Andee! This was a fun post to read! Where to begin....????

First: Lincoln is my guess! (why? it's patriotic looking; it's July afterall) :)

I am also feeling inspired to piece a backing for a Bonnie quilt: Orca Bay for me (you beat me on that one!) :)

After drooling over Alycia's ironing set up, and now seeing YOURS..... ohhhh.....I may just have to jump on that band wagon! Well done with the hammer Kathy (don't think I didn't notice it!)

Lovely progress on the bow-tie; and my hat's off to you for continually searching out new fabrics to insist on no repeats. Amazing!

Candace said...

Ditto to everything that Amy said. I love the Schnibbles, I bought the book but haven't made any yet. Your new ironing station is fabulous

Wacky Woman said...

Way cool ironing station and lots of containers. I love containers.

Shannon said...

I love the ironing/cube case. Great idea!!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Fabulous!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that orange cover!! Great ideas!!