Friday, April 30, 2021

Bachelor Button Blues and Sunflowers!

 My pair of Bachelor Button Blues quilts are coming along.  They are 14 inches square but look bigger in the picture.  I sewed little colorful buttons on this one (the other one will get buttons today) instead of doing little blue wool flowers.  I started to quilt this one (just around the brown) but have no idea what else to do so it is waiting for inspiration.  
I also cut and sewed two Sunny Sunflower blocks yesterday while sewing with Barb.  These were fun to make.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Farm Girl Vintage Progress

Farm Girl Vintage is coming along.  Here is one set of the blocks together and after that I made a pair of Wooly Sheep.  You can barely see their light blue legs.  Thinking I should have gone darker!
Spring is trying hard to appear here!  These opened up today and look so nice.  Unfortunately, they are the only ones in the entire backyard that I see!


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Egg Baskets and Barn Cats

Hazel did a little earth day art.  She was pretty proud of herself!  We are secretly making mosaic type stepping stones for mother's day.  We only have one mold and I want one for mom, Hannah and me so we do one each day she comes.  She does not mind having her foot in sticky stuff!
I have made two of the Bachelor Button Blues mini quilts from Red Button Quilts (free pattern this month) but I forgot the brown outer border on the second one.  Decided I like it floating so that is okay.  I did the handwork (that is done so far) while watching a Tina Turner documentary.  I have the second one prepped and hope to get to it today.  There are still wool flowers or buttons to put on this one too.  
Yesterday I sewed a pair of Egg Baskets.
And three barn cats.  The dark one was cut several years ago when I was making mug rugs for my Z co-workers.  This one likely to be another mug rug with the pair below going into quilts.


Monday, April 19, 2021

Farm Girl Vintage Progress

Sometimes I lay my blocks out on the boards I made (also Lori Holt inspired) and other times I just put the parts on there and go for it.  The Farmhouse Blocks went together nicely.  I love the one that the butterfly shows in the roof!
The Old Red Barn blocks got some hexi fabric instead of the little block they were supposed to get.  I also pulled out some of the red fabric that I had stored in the barn quilt bin.  Years ago I really wanted to make one of the barn quilts with different blocks in them (like Lori Holt's) and so I started collecting all kinds of stuff (the hexi stuff too!) for that purpose.  Time goes by and now I do not think I will be making that quilt.  I may make a tablerunner though as she has a pattern for that too with silos.  So it was time to tap into the little collection I had amassed!  
I LOVE the Kettle's On! blocks.  So much fun choosing the fabrics for these and they just tickle me!
Sunday, I did a little cleaning in the quilting studio.  Moved some stuff and cleaned under and behind.  It was not bad, but my floormat needed to come up and be cleaned under, so why not just do the whole sitting area.  Then I had some fun and made my Penny Pig blocks and got their cute little tails on.
I then made some crows.  I bought this pattern several years ago to make a mug rug for my mom since her dad was always called "old crow" as he could be crotchety and he drank Old Crow.  I meant to cut and sew three of these so I could finally do that for her (Mother's Day is coming) but I forgot and only did two.  Today I may go ahead and make another pair (two is easier than one I think) and maybe I will have an easier time with the legs.  Really hard to get them to look like they are on the body of the crow.  Only block I have struggled with so far.  Did lots of ripping (I also forgot the black under the wings the first time through--my brain was tired and so this had a steep learning curve) and resewing.  From a galloping horse it looks fine.  

Thinking I might get to the cows, cat, or the sheep after a few more crows!  Why is there no dog?  I do not think I have seen one.  Off to Google that!  Search shows there is one in the Spelling Bee book which I do not have....HAPPY SEWING!

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Blue Tree

I made my Pine Tree Point tree in bright and light blues yesterday.  Linking up with SoScrappy!  I was watching Miss Hazel so I did it during her first nap, and finished during the second one.  She is cruising all over now--not crawling but she gets where she wants to go.  She loves bubbles, stories, music and me signing to her!


Thursday, April 15, 2021

Farm Girl Vintage Continues

I have been trying to make two blocks a day if I can get to my machine from the Lori Holt Farm Girl Vintage book.  So Strawberries.

Milkcans! We had a green milkcan which we moved all over when I was younger.  Not sure what ever happened to it, but I loved that thing!
Mixing Bowls.
And today I made Canning Jars.
Here is one set so far.  No idea where I am going with these, but I am enjoying making them!

I am also coming along on my exchange mini quilt in civil war fabrics.  I discovered the one I did a pair of was not going to be big enough (I noticed when I reread the requirements) so I did another one and added a border.  Today I got it quilted and half bound.  So hand binding is next and a label!  I hope my partner loves it.  I am pretty happy with it myself!
Linking up with Small Quilts and Doll Quilts

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Farm Girl Vintage Start

Hazel is starting to cruise!  She was chasing the ball in this picture.  Just a bit over six months old and such a happy girl!  She loves to be read to and her favorite book at my house is "That's Not My Puppy!" which we read at least once each day.

Just finished my latest book box.  The story was good though lots of "convenient" things happening to interrupt things all the time.  It got on my nerves a bit.
Finished the Kathleen Tracy Mini Mystery.  She decided to surprise us with the last clue (borders) a few days after the previous clue so now I have another flimsy to quilt.
Sunshine just had a bath a few days ago (Bug did too!) and she was a quick pose on my quilt.
Finally getting around to making some Lori Holt blocks.  My old guild did this a few years ago (a different one each month) but I think it was when I was in the thick of working and sleeping and never went to guild so I did not make any.  And I decided I may as well make two at a time while I am cutting.  Not sure why since I do not know what I am doing with one of these tops much less two.  Anyways I am using up my scraps. Yesterday I made pumpkins....
and today I made cherries.
I am also working on a swap quilt in reproduction fabrics.  It is a mini.  No pictures until the swap is complete.  I made two little tops (one for me to keep as always) and after quilting the first one I realized that is was ONE INCH too small on each side as I did not pay attention to the minimum size.  ACK.  So since I had erroneously cut almost double what I needed to sew my two quilts I had enough left to sew two more.  Today I pieced up another one and added a small border to it so it fits the size requirements!  Now it needs quilting.  Progress!

Friday, April 2, 2021

Easter Egg Art and a Little Mystery

Hazel made some fun Easter Egg art this week.  She loved shaking the bag with the paint and dice (where are my marbles) in it!
I finished putting the clue for Kathleen Tracy's little mystery today.  Barb also finished hers below.

 I got all cut for not one but two of the sweet quilt in the book.  I am hoping I was accepted to join a mini quilt swap..I have not heard back yet.  This has LOTS of pieces and took a bit of cutting!  Should be fun though.  I always like to two make two when I exchange so I get to keep one!