Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Rainbow Scrap Challenge for February and More!

My daughter got me this book for Christmas after I watched a documentary on an octopus.  The book was good and Hazel liked the cover so I had to teach her the sign for octopus and show her the one from the documentary.


I finished up R Trail!  And took a photo of the Attic Stars mystery...all wrinkled already!

Read and listened to "The Storyteller." And read and skim read the PPMS book.
The UFO number for this month was 7.  So I am adding another row onto my Wild and Goosey!  Honk honk!
The color for Febrary is aqua I think...sure hope so since I got right on it!  Here are my Butterfly Bush blocks.

And this picture is sideways, but I labeled and put the log cabin love parts in order of which they are sewn.  This made it SEW much easier to do them.  I left all the labels and the lights so it will be even easier next month!

I am now joining in on two (and maybe three) online book clubs.  The Eclectic Book Club is reading this one in February.  I started it this morning.  I am also judging the Booktube Prize and have been assigned six books to read.  I reserved some electronically and then put it to pick some up at the local library too.  


Secret Agent Mystery and Indigo Way Mystery Coming Along!

Here is the last clue for the Secret Agent Mystery Quiltalong  We had to cut things apart and do a bit of sewing before putting our top toge...