Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Parade of Quilts Made with Friends

You have already seen my Pat Sloan Christmastime Mystery top, but I wanted to share Barb's and Becky's now that theirs are flimsies.
Above is Barb's and below is Becky's.  They all turned out so differently!  We have a weekly sewing appointment on Thursday afternoons (and sometimes meet up more) and it is so fun to sew along mostly on the same stuff, but sometimes on our own stuff.  We are all now working on finishing up Ruby Jubilee (some of us are copying Bonnie's version) and we will be working on the new Quiltville mystery together soon.  After that we already picked out a mystery (already solved) that we want to do.  


Barb also finished her Schoolgirl Sampler flimsy.  Love it!  She uses her scraps and it looks great!  You have already seen mine done in civil war fabrics.  I am super happy with how it came out too.


Thursday, October 13, 2022

Progress and Finishes!

Last week I had the worst stomach bug I can ever remember having.  Jeremy got it too, but Hannah and Kathy avoided it somehow.  I was feeling pretty good (for me) and the night before getting sick at 9 PM I said, I feel like I could go out and sew.  Strange I feel so good this time of night.  Two hours and fifteen minutes later I woke sick.  I have noticed this wow I feel good thing before getting sick several times in the past few years. It is like the new virus distracts the CFS/ME.  It does not last and the trade off is not really worth it, lol but it is something that I have noticed.  
Now on to sewing...
Barb and I finished up our Pat Sloan Christmastime mystery wall hangings.  This one is supposed to be gift cards.  

Here it is laid out, sideways.

And up and down.  I do not plan to put the border on it that she did as I think it is too busy.  Speaking of Christmas, the UFO number for this month had me doing this top.  Barb sent me most of these blocks (she got them from some unknown place) and I made a few more blocks and put them together.  I am not super nuts for it.  Some of the blocks needed an outside edge to get them to size, etc. but it is done and off my list!  May wind up donating it somewhere eventually.

This month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge has a few colors to choose from.  I decided on lime green.  Very excited to see this quilt come together soon.  These are Log Cabin Love blocks by Bonnie Hunter.  You can also see Butterfly Bush blocks.  Sideways, I know.  LOL.

I decided to put together one of the Butterfly Bush doll quilts.  I feel like the butterflies are a bit lost next to each other.  I have enough to make another and may play with turning them sideways or adding a small sashing.  This one looks okay in person...but may be taking it apart if I like the second version better.  

My New River longarmer, Melissa had a quick turnaround on Soul Mates and my Halloween quilt.  Just got this one trimmed this morning.  Super happy with how both turned out.

Close up so you can see some of the quilting.
I managed to trim and bind the little Boo Crew quilt yesterday.  I like how it looks with the Halloween basket I made twenty or so years ago with my Aunt Lisa and her neighbor.  We went to basket classes at her house many weekends and I really enjoyed it!

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Schoolgirl Sampler Minis and More!

I gave this fun table runner to my goddaughter Kelsey for her birthday.  She said she had just the table to put it on.
Barb and I worked on our Kathleen Tracy Mini Schoolgirl Sampler.  We picked out nine blocks each and I think only one was the same.
The above is mine.  Below is Barb's.  Love how they both turned out.


Hazel turned two and she had a party in Wisconsin Dells with her Dad's half the family (they live far away) and last weekend at home with her Mom's side.  She loved her gifts and had a blast.