Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quilt History Butterfly Block

Today was my NewQuiltingClub's Anniversary Party. I got up early (well early for me when I am not working) and chatted and posted most of the day. We played bingo, had trivia games, etc. It was fun and the only one I "won" had two winners and when they drew--wouldn't you know it I didn't win. I don't have the best luck with that sort of stuff.
I have entered to win on various blogs and so far nothing. You would think in time I would randomly win! Anyway I guess if that is all I have to complain about life is good.
I sewed a bit on four patches today and this Butterfly Block for Quilt History (I am AHEAD now, we don't meet until July 30th this time!). This one gave me some issues...the size just didn't all want to line up and I was patient and ripped and tried again (and I won't dwell on the fact that I sewed the wings on backwards the first time despite doublechecking and thinking I had them right!). I then hand stitched the wings on. Not great, but better than the last two month's blocks. I am supposed to present next month for a bit on the Lockport Batting Company so yesterday I researched that and came up with this:

Lockport Cotton Batting Company History

1870 Lockport Cotton Batting Company was established by George W. Hamlin east of Buffalo, NY. They made cotton and wool batts and added other items as the years progressed

Succeeded by Levan and Gritman

1894 Niagara Cotton Batting Company

1902 Three batting companies in Lockport (Niagara, Lockport and New York)
Operated out of two buildings in its heyday

1938 8 page publication “Land O’ Nod, the Monthly Magazine for Quilters,
Vol. 1, No. 1 was published by Land ‘O Nod publishing company which
has the same address as the Lockport Cotton Batting Company. The
editor was Mrs. Scioto Imhoff Danner (biography said she is a prolific
quilter who sold her patterns and traveled with her quilts), Had a “new”
appliqué pattern “Climbing Rose” and an article by Dr. W.R. Dunton
“How I Became A Quilt Fan” as well as a Q & A column

No evidence that the second edition was printed though it was to have an
article about the Genesee Valley Quilt Club of Rochester, NY

The old cotton batting company building was adjacent to Vine Street and
had a pond in front of it with polliwogs, Barbara Thurston Petty was
forbidden to go there

1935 Sold cotton building insulation “Lo-K” used in U.S. homes 1935-1950

1940 Niagara Cotton Batting Company and Lockport Cotton Batting Company
Merged, Large and thriving industry at this time

1942 Lockport Quilt Pattern Book, Replicas of Quilts Old & New, 1942
published with “Climbing Rose” pattern again in it

1944 19 page booklet “Lockport Quilt Pattern Book-Anne Orr Quilts” (were
two), a few pages in it explained about available battings, included “An
Initialed Quilt” typical cross stitch style and “Jonquil Quilt,” “Garland
Quilt,” and Strawberry Quilt” appliqué type quilt patterns also a line of
“Colonial Quilting Patterns” with perforated paper patterns in it

1967 Lockport Cotton Batting Company quit operation, no buildings are
standing presently
If you happen to know anything else I should include (you never know, lol) let me know!


Jane said...

Well done on completing the block. I am sure bits move around when you're not looking!

Anonymous said...

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