Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bow Tucks Tote in Progress!

Whoo hoo! I went over to my new online friend June's house and she helped me make 3/4's of my Bow Tucks bag! She has been making different bag patterns (she has several hanging on her sewing room door) and so I thought why not see if she will help me decifier this pattern? I emailed her and she was happy to! I had so much fun and it all went together quite well (with her help, lol). This next pic is the inside of it...we haven't finished the bottom or sewing the lining opening (for turning) closed. The bottom is a little tricky if you ask me, but I have no doubt it will work out.
I am in love with this bag and all the inner pockets, can't wait to complete it. The hardest part so far was the outside pocket...I truly don't think the directions can be right, and neither of us could figure out how to attach the pocket following the directions. We took a guess at it and it didn't quite work out, and have another guess to try with bag number two, but neither guess was anything close to the pattern's plan.

The side ties are made, but not attached yet, I just set them there to give you some idea. I got to use June's machine and it has an automatic thread cutter. I am in love with that! Thanks June, you made my day! (heck maybe my week!).


Jane said...

This will look lovely finished. Great to have hands on help too

Becky said...

The maker of that pattern used to go to Nimble Thimbles you should try asking around at the next meeting. You might be able to talk to the pattern maker directly for help.

Anonymous said...

I found this on the pattern makers website. Hope it helps.

Bow Tucks Outside Pocket Instructions (missing from July 08 patterns):

Attaching the Outer Pocket:

Attach the outer pocket in the same fashion as the interior pockets; center the pocket on the right side of the bag, facing down, and place the raw edge of the pocket 1/4” above the seam of the upper and lower fabrics, stitch the pocket, matching the seam line from the upper and lower fabrics, flip up, press, and top-stitch edges to secure pocket to bag.