Saturday, June 13, 2009

Imperial Beach!

Yesterday we drove about six hours to Imperial Beach, CA! I practiced my crochet pretty much the whole way there and some of the way back! This is my first attempt at following a pattern. It is for a round potholder. I used the same yarn to make two dishrags. I am planning to give them to Suli and Diego for their housewarming party tomorrow. She has a lime colored kitchen so it will work. Hopefully she doesn't mind that they are early attempts and "unique" lol.

Here Mac (my 16 year old son) and I are at a rest stop. It is close to or in Mexico which Mac had never been to thus the picture. Oh, here are my new glasses with the transition lenses clearly working!

This is me on the pier with the ocean behind me. Randy and Mac are standing in the background too.
Kathy and I on the pier. She has been here several times, and for the past almost four years she has been telling me we NEED to come. I am glad we did. The hotel we stayed in is being demolisthed in Sept. and a new one put up. It is right on the beach (off to the left of the pier, I think you see the corner of it in the pic). We will most definately go back!And of course I brought this quilt, used it in the cool evening air since I had no coat and slept with it and in the morning spread it on the beach and watched the ocean from it.
I am thinking about making an Ocean Waves quilt in some gorgeous blues...maybe just a little wallhanging to always remember this first trip to the Pacific. The ocean is absolutely awe inspiring, and my soul is replenished!

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Jane said...

So glad you had a lovely time away. Well done on the crochet. What's next?