Friday, June 5, 2009

Crochet, What an Improvement a Day (and a Class) Makes!

In 1999 or 2000 my best Deaf friend Rachel taught me how to crochet. She showed me a granny square type thing and was very patient with me so that I could get the idea. My great grandma Myrt had also shown me numerous times before she passed on when I was twenty. It never stuck. Even after doing an entire granny square blanket with Rachel helping every time I got confused I could never really just do it on my own. Make that I could do the rows but needed help turning corners, starting, etc.

She tried teaching me another stitch which I should humor you with a photo of...I still have one of my attempts and just took it out to use as dog blanket! It looks more like a triangle because I had issues with dropping or adding stitches! Apparently this is common, which makes me feel better. HAHA!

Anyway I signed up for a Parks and Rec class for crochet in June (and knitting in July!) and took the first class last night. You can see what I accomplished from the pic above. I took some notes and really tried to pay attention to what I was doing when so that I could do it on my own. Then a few hours later I pulled out another ball of yarn and started all over on my own (do you hear the squeals here?) and just a few minutes ago I completed my very own dishcloth! It isn't perfect and I didn't count (I promise to try to count the next one as reccommended) but I am overjoyed with it. It is all sunshiny yellow too!


Becky said...

I just bought that same yellow yarn to make a dishcloth with. Glad you had fun in your class.

Jane said...

Congratulations. I am waiting to conquer my first piece of useful crochet

Sue said...

*doing the crochet happy dance with you*