Thursday, December 31, 2020

One Mystery Done! Project Quilting!

My 3rd annual Project Quilting Mystery Quiltalong top is done.  Super fun and superfast since I did all but two clues on one day.  Very fun and bright and will find its way to someone I am sure.  Linking up with the quiltalong!
I am waiting for the first clue in the Debi Montgomery mystery...she gave us a sneak peak so I know what it is, but still waiting on the directions.  Looking forward to a day of sewing..and tomorrow I will do the Merry Mayhem mystery (while Grassy Creek will have to wait!).  So while waiting, I repurposed my day five box from my Once Upon a Book Club box and made the Black Sonata print and play!  


Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Christmas with the Youngest and Mystery Quilts are Caught Up!

Two blog posts in one day since I cannot figure out how to schedule this one like I used to!
We went and saw Jay the day after Christmas.  He liked his gifts and his stocking.  While we were there we had pizza and played "The Game," "Blokus," (which he gifted us) and "Five Crowns," which is a long time favorite game.
My Once Upon a Time advent box came super late on Christmas Eve.  Read two stories a day and opened my gifts.  We got four books in the box!  Really fun stuff.
Here is clue five of Grassy Creek!  This clue was much easier than three and four!  Happy to be caught up again.

Spent some time a few mornings ago learning how to play Coffee Trader.  Love this fun game!  I need to get it out again so I can cement it in my brain!  Basically you are trying to brew the perfect cup of coffee!
I also created my 2021 UFO quilting list.  Only the starred ones are actual ufo's...unless you count the tops I need to quilt.  I have three of them here right now.  I enjoy doing this challenge though so added enough in to participate!


Project Quilting Mystery Quiltalong!

Here are my fabric pulls for the Project Quilting Mystery Quiltalong though they are not in order for some reason...
I did all the clues yesterday (each was posted one at a time each day but I was catching up on Grassy Creek and then the errors from the New Year's Eve mystery (she forgot a page of cutting) and then the next Grassy Creek clue came out.  Today the last clue before tomorrow's layout came out.
I made chili today and ate some out of my gnome cup, perfect day for it!
We were supposed to post our ideas on the layout and the best WRONG layout gets a prize.  My two pink fabrics were really too close together so it changes the look a lot.  Likely to be a donation quilt so that is okay!
We got out first dump of snow last night.  Kathy shoveled along with Jon from upstairs.  Early this AM Marcel from upstairs snow blowed as we were covered again.  I did both sets of stairs and Kathy did some around the car and in the back yard,  The dogs are not liking their first time in snow one bit!


Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!

We spent Christmas Eve with my daughter and her husband and baby Hazel.  They went home to his folks' home last weekend so they could keep it small.  So Hazel finally met two more great grandparents and his parents had a chance to see her for the second time.  Really keeping the circle small.  So hard with a new little one, but we benefited as we got to spend the time with them. Tomorrow Kathy and I will go spend the day with my youngest (he is working the holiday) so seeing two out of there of my kids is nice.  Mocha (the dog) posed so nicely for the picture too!

I am still working on clue four.  I have five more sets to sew, and five to trim at this point.  Goal is to get them done today since the next clue is out tomorrow (little grace due to Christmas!) and I like to keep up!

My advent box from Once Upon a Book Club FINALLY arrived yesterday too.  We were supposed to read one story a day and open one gift a day through advent.  I was really disappointed that is took so long to get here.  Things are nuts at the post office this year.  So I read the first story aloud to Kathy on the way to Hannah and Jeremy's house.  Then opened the first gift when we got home and finished the story.
Later I read the second story and opened this cool hat--which I have taken to wearing in the house this am since it is chilly!

 I got many nice gifts...lots of games this year (Kathy and I played 5 Minute Dungeon last night and liked it) which I am looking forward to.  My mom gave me a gnome cookie jar and a snowman tea pot among other things.  Some of our gifts from them have not arrived yet--mom was waiting on one more thing to mail another box out, but apparently it is no longer coming so she has to come up with something else.  More fun mail days ahead.  

My favorite gift this year is this ornament Hannah made from Hazel's foot.  SO SWEET and we will always remember how tiny she was!  Three months old at her first Christmas.  

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Geese on a String and Holiday Happenings!

Geese on a String progress happened between Grassy Creek Clues.
Bug had to pose with the first few rows.

And the flimsy is complete.

My November book box finally arrived and I read it right away.  Still waiting on December and sadly, the advent box too.  

Gudrun Erla did a video on December 15th for these Woven Heart ornaments, which remind me of Norway so I bought the supplies and had to make a few.  This year only the kids and my Goddaughter will get one, next year maybe more folks.  They are fun to make!

I am still working on Clue four of Grassy Creek.  Here is a whole pile waiting on I have only ten sets to go on the last part of the sewing...then trimming.  Whoot, whoot.

My best friend Monica sent me Christmas gifts from this year and last year and a home warming gift.  Pretty exciting mail day!  I still have her last year gift too.  Hoping to see her in the Spring...she is four hours away now!

Participating in the 12 Days of Christmas Solo gaming challenge.  Super fun and has forced me to watch some videos and learn some new games...I have the games but did not know the solo or I did the print in play (Free) and learned to play that too.  Here is Sprawlopolis.

Here is Orchard.

Made me Grandma Myrt's Cornflake Cookies and storing them in my Grandma Char's tin.  So many good Christmas memories with them.
Tiny Epic Zombies.  
Fleet the Dice.
My Secret Santa from the filler board games group got me Tiny Towns.  LOVE IT.  Kathy and I have played it and I enjoy it solo too.  Looking forward to opening gifts as I know there are several games there!

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Grassy Creek Clue Three, Grandbaby and More

Took me two days but I completed Grassy Creek Clue three.  Looking forward to tomorrow's clue.  

My brother and his wife sent us this little tree which is supposed to promote healing.  It is so pretty and goes well on the bookshelf right by my favorite little hedgehog from Margarite!
I wish this ornament still made the most ANNOYING cheep, cheep, cheep, CHEEP, noise which I begged to listen to as a kid.  It was on my Grandma Char and Papa DeLos' tree.  They always hid it at the back, but I always remembered it and would look for it!  Not sure if it can be fixed but I will always have the memory of it.  I need to find something equally fun to put on my tree so Hazel can do the same in a few years!
I see Hazel about twice a week. We usually get together for the Packer games and I try to get over there or have Hannah stop in here another day each week.  She is changing so fast!  She has already rolled over many times, though it is not a regular thing yet.  She holds her head up SO well!  Loves her tummy time and her unicorn!  I got to hang out with her yesterday for a few hours.  I read her Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  She loves to look at pictures in books already too. She has found her voice and has started making more fun noises too.  Here she is on her eye spy quilt.
I am participating in my FB solo group's 12 Days of Christmas Challenge.  Today is day four and I played Sagrada solo for the first time.  I like this game solo and with others.  So pretty and it varies somewhat each time.  


Thursday, December 10, 2020

Grassy Creek Clue Two

Clue two for Grassy Creek is complete.  Tiny little hourglasses.  I went with the old rotary cutting method and with Barb's help we figured out the Math wrong.  I did each step all the way through and it was not til I got to the put the HST's together to make the actual hourglasses that I realized I had made TWICE as many as I needed!  So I stopped at that step with half of them and am crossing my fingers they come up in a future clue (HAHAHAHHAHH!) but if not, I will use them somewhere.  Barb has her fabrics picked and sewed clue one all the wrong size!  She picked all of them off the paper and now has to resew them.  She has more patience than me!

Made more face masks.  These two are for Jeremy and Hannah.  I am working on Geese on a String in between Quiltville clues.  Have about a hundred geese completed now.  Taking my time and doing hem correctly.  

I had to make my Gingerbread house without any of my favorite nephews this year.  It was partly together from the last time we had it out and I think that made it even harder to make!  Anyway it was a fun past time while listening to my audiobook.

Have really gotten into solo gaming.  Here are my favorites so far.  I am currently addicted to Mint Works which was a print and play freebie.  I am using tiny white buttons for the "mints" in the game.  I did not have an altoid mint tin so I put it in this time from my mom.  I can also play this game on my phone (much faster) but of course I prefer the actual game in my hands. 

Not a great picture, but had our holiday meeting for Quilt Guild.  We had a show and tell and I shared my Quiltville Idaho Square Dance Christmas quilt.  


A Whole Lot of News!

For some reason I do not think this Kathleen Tracy sampler ever made it to the blog after I quilted it with a baptist fan and bound it.  Lov...