Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!

We spent Christmas Eve with my daughter and her husband and baby Hazel.  They went home to his folks' home last weekend so they could keep it small.  So Hazel finally met two more great grandparents and his parents had a chance to see her for the second time.  Really keeping the circle small.  So hard with a new little one, but we benefited as we got to spend the time with them. Tomorrow Kathy and I will go spend the day with my youngest (he is working the holiday) so seeing two out of there of my kids is nice.  Mocha (the dog) posed so nicely for the picture too!

I am still working on clue four.  I have five more sets to sew, and five to trim at this point.  Goal is to get them done today since the next clue is out tomorrow (little grace due to Christmas!) and I like to keep up!

My advent box from Once Upon a Book Club FINALLY arrived yesterday too.  We were supposed to read one story a day and open one gift a day through advent.  I was really disappointed that is took so long to get here.  Things are nuts at the post office this year.  So I read the first story aloud to Kathy on the way to Hannah and Jeremy's house.  Then opened the first gift when we got home and finished the story.
Later I read the second story and opened this cool hat--which I have taken to wearing in the house this am since it is chilly!

 I got many nice gifts...lots of games this year (Kathy and I played 5 Minute Dungeon last night and liked it) which I am looking forward to.  My mom gave me a gnome cookie jar and a snowman tea pot among other things.  Some of our gifts from them have not arrived yet--mom was waiting on one more thing to mail another box out, but apparently it is no longer coming so she has to come up with something else.  More fun mail days ahead.  

My favorite gift this year is this ornament Hannah made from Hazel's foot.  SO SWEET and we will always remember how tiny she was!  Three months old at her first Christmas.  

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