Mystery Quilts

 My very first mystery quilt...I screwed up the color placement and so it didn't quite turn out right, but that didn't stop me...I gave it to my newphew Ben who was born soon after that and chalked it up to a learning experience!
 My second mystery quilt turned out great!  I have always meant to go back and make this one again.

 The third mystery quilt I fell in LOVE with and it became my picnic quilt.  I just can't let it go.  This one was from NYE 2

 The next two were super simple and were great wedding gifts.

 This is the mystery quilt I gave my grandmother and when she passed on it went to the youngest grandchild Lindy.
Another mystery quilt...this one is ok, but I was super thrilled with my fabric choices once I saw the pattern. 
 Arizona Dreams quilt..this one lived in my car as we were hoping to move to Arizona.  We are here now and it is still in the car, but come to think of it we never seem to need it anymore!
I honestly HATED how this mystery quilt came out.  I wasn't really happy with my fabrics or the look of it when it was done.  But one out of all the quilts I have done I didn't care for, not bad...This  is the NYE Mystery designed by Ann B. Smith for 2009.  I gifted this one to Shannon--Kathy's cousin.
Made this one for my mom.  I think the fabrics are what made me like it even more.
This one was hard to part with, but my cousin Patricia got married so I parted with it.  It just so happens to match the room she wanted it for and she raves about it every time I see her!  This is Ann B. Smith's NYE Mystery for 2008.
This was a super fun mystery!  I haven't parted with this one yet...I may eventually, but for now I like to look at it now and then!
Here is a close up of the Puddle Jumping Mystery.

Every new year I make an Ann B. Smith mystery quilt on New Years Eve Day...this past year DJ did a lot of the sewing so we could give this to her new neice Isabel.

This was the Designer Mystery BOM from Fat Quarter Shop...I didn't know what each block would look like til I got them.  I am not a huge fan of sampler quilts, but this fabric line, 12 days of Christmas, just sold me on it.  I thought my parents needed to have a Christmas quilt too!  I also made them a tablerunner out of this line. 

NYE Mystery Quilt 2011 (Ann B. Smith design) which I gave to Suli and Diego for their wedding.

This is the NYE 2012 (designed by Ann B. Smith) Mystery quilt I made for Kathy's niece Jordan. 
This is the NYE 2013 Mystery Quilt (designed by Cal) has Mickey Mouse and is for my Aunt Nancy.
This is my latest mystery from a retreat in February 2014.  I call it Fireworks and it was designed by Marque.
New Year's Eve Mysteries from 2006 to 2013.

This mystery is repeat of the very first mystery I did (Ben's Farm).  Kathy and I made this one NYE 2017 just for fun since there was not a mystery we really wanted to do available.  

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