Friday, June 24, 2016

I am Alive :)

I have not blogged in forever.  I have only sewn once and though I took pictures I forgot to blog. It has been a busy spring/summer!  I met my daughter in Dallas (she was there for work) and we spent about four days walking from one end to another!  It was super fun and made possible by my weight loss. I am now down 111.2 pounds (in 28 months) and am still doing what I need to do.  Very happy about that.
We have spent tons of time in Rocky Point this summer with my mom and stepdad who got a place on Playa Miramar for four months.  We will go back for 4th of July and Hannah is flying in for that too!
Coleman and Chelsea will soon celebrate their one year anniversary!  They are doing well in Wisconsin and their cat just had kittens.  Oy!
Mac and his fiance Liz are also in Wisconsin and doing well.
Eventually I will blog again I think, just have been running out of town alot and working a ton when I am in town so I can afford to take off for days and days!

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