Sunday, August 28, 2016

Meeting the Twins, Sedona and Five Baby Quilt Flimsies!

 We finally met the twins!  They are already four months old.  We got to see Ollie too! These guys are my honorary nephews and niece.  Their older half brother is my nephew Ben (he was with his dad for the weekend) but we love his ex and her husband and all the kids.  You may remember I made the twins with foxes and one with racoons.  We went to lunch at the Cowboy Club in Sedona where their daddy is the executive chef.  We had a great lunch and did a little shopping while juggling babies.
Everyone took several turns! 

Today I was on a mission!  I am behind by five baby quilts.  I have not sewn all fact this is the longest sewing break I have had since I became addicted to quilting.  It was so nice to be in there all day long and get this quilt tops knocked out! 

The first two are "Simple Gifts" by Weeks Ringle.  Seriously a go to quicky pattern for me.  I love it.  A coworker of mine's daughter is having twins.  They were not even planning on one and need all the help they can get.  I have never met her daughter, but Kelly (my coworker) is salt of the earth.  A fabulous lady who I love working with who is generous to a fault.  Not long after my issues with my gallbladder she made us a lasagna dinner that was so good.  She is just sweet, so I am paying it forward to her grandbabies.  They are both girls but this was the fabric I had onhand that I liked so there ya go.

This one is for Kathy's nephew Wyatt.  He is already three months old!  I pieced it and Kathy quilted it and got it almost all the way bound today.  Thanks to my quilting friend Tiffany for the fabric (and already cut squares) donation she gave me when she made room for her new baby!  With my time crunch it came in handy!
Another coworker of mine, Amy had a baby boy a few months ago too.  I will be seeing her in two weeks and so hopefully will have this one done to give to her.  I am sure she already has a quilt or two but one can always use one more, right!
The last baby quilt I needed to make is for Randy's most recent grandbaby-Lily.  I did not realize I didn't send one and then when he went to visit months ago I planned to send one with him....and forgot.  On top of that I don't have any in the cabinet (usually I have a few waiting!) so I needed to get one together for her.  Her five siblings already have one--and the oldest (now 13) is the quilt that started my addiction to quilting!  Anyways I wanted to do a larger one for her since she isn't a baby anymore and I suddenly realized the Nimble Thimbles mystery I had been working on until I didn't get the last clue (and then when I did, I had no time to sew was just waiting to be assembled.  I had to make the setting triangles and put it all together but viola, it is a top.  It needs serious ironing but it is together! 
So five baby quilts are flimsies and with any luck will be quilts in the next two weeks!

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