Saturday, February 28, 2015

Orange and Pink today!

 Worked on clue two of Orange Crush last night and this morning.
 Before I knew it, clue two was done!  I even have a few extras.  And best of all some leftover triangles that can be used for clue three so part of my cutting for that step is done already!  YAY!
 I made binding and put it on both my great aunts' quilts too.  Will get pictures tomorrow if it isn't raining.  Also got my Wild and Goosey block for this week done.

 And even caught up on the last bit of pink for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler on Angela's blog.  Next up for March is yellow.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Funday!

Today Kathy and I went hiking with two of our friends.  Jill and I headed up the Ridgeline Trail at South Mountain and Kathy and Jen did an easier hike since Kathy still isn't feeling great.  We all had fun and it really set the mood for a great day!  Jill has lost 65 pounds on WW and that is how we met (she is in a different day/meeting than us but during the holidays we hit her meeting and hit it off!  She also teaches at the college I work at though I had never met her there!).  

 So beautiful up on that Ridgeline.  My knee finally felt more like normal!  I also finished up the glamper pillow for Missy's party today.
 Here is Missy's actual camper--it is super cute and fun to check out!  After stopping in at the party, Kathy and I went and saw "The Imitation Game" which we really liked and didn't know the story of.
 Also wanted to share my Valentine's gift that I never showed off.  Kathy got me this Oragami Owl necklace...for charms there is a birthstone for each of my kids, an AZ sun and cactus, a sewing machine (of course!) a football, a rainbow, a cup of coffee and a ring.  Too fun, I love charms!
 I also did my two City Sampler blocks--No. 53 and No. 54 which I really like!

 I am still working on my Orange Crush for the quiltalong on Open Studio.  I cut parts for clue two tonight so I can get to sewing clue two this week or weekend!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday Sewing--What a Great Day!

Wild and Goosey is done for this week.  Ros gave me some scraps with the quilts she just quilted so some of them made it in this block!  LOVE THAT!  Thanks Ros!

 A gal on Quiltville's Open Studio posted this tip about using a magazine rack to store the Accuquilt Go stuff in on the wall.  Today Kathy installed mine for me--wall space is at a premium in here but we found a spot!  I need to play with it now that I have the die and mat!
 I put the binding on Hannah's "Greybear" quilt.  She just had to put him down just after she finished this quilt here at Christmas.  That cat has been hers for alot of years and losing him is hard on her.  I am so glad she picked this out years ago and then finished it at Christmas...Ros quilted it so beautifully and she will always remember Greybear but even more so now.
 Ros made a label too--little hard to read with that busy fabric.
 Tonight I got busy doing some cooking.  We have a huge pot of Grandma Nan's Chili cooking up for tomorrow.
 We also tried another new recipe from SkinnyTaste.  This one is Butternut Squash Lasagna.  We had this for dinner and it was really good!  Vegetarian so we now have something else we can make when Hannah visits.
 My co-worker and friend Missy got a "glamper" for Christmas.  She is having an open house type party tomorrow so we can all see it.  She had a quilt made and is working on pillows but I wanted to make something for her too.  I found this little trailer on Craftsy and whipped it up in about three hours.  I am not sure if I am going to turn it into a pillow to give her or what...she may get it as is and then I will make it into something she wants.  Will decide that later--party is tomorrow!
I did Pilates today and Patti showed me how Jump Pilates works....really cool!  I tried it and it really is good cardio without being hard on the joints.  I am signed up to take a class next Saturday.  I am so excited to find some cardio that I can do especially through the summer because it is going to soon be too hot to hike unless I get up at the crack of dawn!
I also got a pedi today--long overdue and Kathy and I just had the nicest day.  Tomorrow we are meeting Jill and one of Kathy's co-workers (Jen) at South Mountain and are hiking early.  I am already looking forward to it!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Traditions, Illusions, Eye Spys and More!

 Ros quilted up the Traditions (35th Ave. BOM) quilts for my great aunts.  One for Sally and one for Jean Ann.  They are my beloved Grandma Char's sisters who are still living.  I cannot wait to get these bound and sent off to them in Wisconsin!

 Ros quilted them differently, so here you can see the backs.  Beautiful!

 I finally did another panel on the herringbone and put them all togehter.  I didn't quite get the pattern right--there was wine involved!  Oh well, it is together and will wind up on the couch and the dogs will spend the most time with it!  It was fun to do but not sure I would do another.  The panels stretch and it just was more frustrating than I like!
 I also finally tied this Eye Spy which has been waiting patiently forever!  I got it all bound in leftover dog bone binding (with a titch of polka dots to make it fit) and Rosey and Joe like it!
 Kathy finished her Grand Illusion Clue two tonight!  YAY!  She is really happy to have that in the rear window!

 I met Jill and we went for a hike today.  My knee still not up to snuff, but I NEEDED to get out there.  I brought my stick with me and we did two miles!  Kathy (who has shingles as of Tues. night) stayed home sick.

I managed to lose a pound this week (after a gain of .8 last week) despite barely working out or even walking.  I am at 81.4 I think it is...Kathy lost 6.5 because she was sick this week and her total is about 71. something now.  She will soon get her new bike.  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

W&G and Orange Crush Quiltalong & RSC

 Today Kathy and I skipped hiking (my knee is still not right and I had a migraine today to say nothing of the fact that she went to urgent care yesterday) but we went to Discovery Park and walked a mile on easier turf.  We then picked up our ceramics from As You Wish.  Here is my gnome all fired!  And Kathy's dog too!
 When we got home I whipped up my weekly Wild and Goosey block so I could do the Honk Honk on Quiltville's Open Studio.  I almost skipped it but Linda actually asked me where my check-in was so I was motivated to do it.  Really works to have a simple goal like one block a week!
 The Orange Crush Quiltalong officially kicks off on the 20th but I went ahead and got started anyway because I know I might need more time on some of it...Here is my first Orange Crush which I gave away...
 Here are all the four patches (plus a few extras) for step one!  I actually have 22 leftover clue two parts, so I am already on clue two--lol!

 I also decided I should finish up my RSC Sampler block....this one didn't work at all since I used the Quilt in a Day ruler to make the flying geese and didn't pay attention to the fact that I needed to make the color the bigger piece of fabric so that it would turn into the wings of the geese....sort of losses the star here.
 A little unsewing and another set of geese and I am much happier with this block called Marley!
 Pulled out the blue from January and I see I used blue instead of whites for the corners and such.
And Block Four--Bear Paw or Lady of the Lake:

Linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pre-Valentine's and Valentine's Day!

Thursday Kathy surprised me with a trip to "As You Wish" to pick something to paint!  I have always wanted to go do this, so it was really fun.  I picked the gnome and she picked the dog.  I had to redo her eyes about four times and in the process I wiped off her cheeks and forgot to readd them, but I cannot wait to see how she comes out!

 Today I finally got around to making Kathy a little mini quilt from Kathleen Tracy's book which I made into a pillow.  This has been on my list for the past three years!

 Kathy also got me roses and made some jello heart shot things for me.  I made her Mongolian Beef and Broccoli from my Skinny Taste cookbook, it was pretty good!

I also made the Tula Pink City Sampler blocks for this week.  Number 51 and 52.  You may recognize these little Celtic Solstice leftovers to make these.  Made it go quicker!

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