Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Year of Schnibbles!

Ties that my dad gave me to eventually make a quilt or two favorite is the Packer one, though there are several golf ties since that was his huge hobby and one Mickey Mouse and another Santa tie--that one plays music! I know I gave him a few of these, but not positive which ones!
I have decided to join in on the fun with a Year of Schnibbles. Not sure I can keep up with one a month, but I love the patterns and the idea of it so I am going to give it a whirl. If you are interested, sign up by Sept. 1st with and I will add this button to my sidebar...can't wait to find out what the first pattern is! If you have never seen one of these patterns here is a website with more info too: I thought I didn't have any of these patterns, but turns out I do have one I got last Spring that I haven't done!

I got in some quilting today on the other Chinese Coin quilt...hand sewed the binding down while watching "A Haunting in Connecticut" I used to love horror movies, but now they freak me out too much!

A Gift from the NewQuiltingClub

Me, Tina and Dad in August 2009. He has the quilt I made him when he first got throat cancer two years ago.
The gals in my yahoo group NewQuiltingClub suprised me wiht a Healing Hugs quilt! I came home from work to a box from Chicago and look at all the love and good thoughts that went into this quilt. I was so stunned...they know my dad's cancer is terminal and wanted to remind me that they care. Sometimes strangers are more amazing than family. I was wrapped in it all night while watching the Packers beat the Cardinals (who I root for when they aren't playing the Packers, but the Pack will always come first!) and it is now on the back of the couch so I don't forget what a wonderful group of people I have all over the country (and a few the world) who care about me.

This is the label they put on the back of it very thoughtful. It was good to see my Dad with my sister. He has made his peace and knows he will go to God which is comforting, but he is weak and has lost alot of weight already and mostly is in his recliner and sleeps alot. It was so good to spend time with him and get some pictures too.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two Doggie Quilts Done!

I made my sister and my mom a quick doggie quilt for their chuiuahuas. They both liked them. Made just from scraps and machine quilted by me. Nothing fancy, but they serve the purpose.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Holiday Lights Block Layout Corrected!

Thanks to an astute reader I have now changed my block layout to what it should be. I had accidently pulled all four parts with the black from the same pile, but there are two different ones and so my block didn't much look like a star! I like this much better...I had noticed that the few others I had seen looked better but thought it was due to my scrappiness. I am glad I posted it online before I sewed, I usually don't--you can tell my mind is on my dad! Thanks again Ruthie!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Puss in the Corner and a Sneak Peak at Holiday Lights

One of the Holiday Lights blocks laid out on my design chance I get I plan to sew these babies together. I need twelve of these and twenty of another block which requires more cutting and the buying more red on red fabric.
Quilt History group's Puss in the Corner block was super easy to sew together. It was nice to get an easy one after the challenges of the past few months! At least I sewed a little bit today. I also have all the pictures gathered to scan tomorrow for my dad. Wrote out my thank you list and talked to him today about his plans...they are already looking into hospice. I will be going to see him on the sister too.

RID Convention in Philadelphia, PA

Just got back from five days in Philladelphia, PA. Went to the Reading Market which is so cool! They have a zillion different kinds of food (including Indian which I love) and a farmer's market type place and everything in there. We ate there several days and all of the food was really good.
Right next to our hotel was the Hard Rock Cafe and we ate there one day, I was not really impressed with the food there but the atmosphere was really nice.

Hannah, Lori and I rode on a horse and buggy thing all around Philly and got a cool tour.

We also saw the Liberty Bell which was really exciting to see. This was my favorite sightseeing type thing we did.

This was a cool building and I believe this is the one the Liberty Bell used to ring in.
The conference was decent, I learned some new stuff and loved seeing so many people using American Sign Language in one place. It was like being in a different world for a week! I saw a CODA comedian who was amazing and some song performances about the history of RID that I will not soon forget. I flew back on my birthday (hello 40) and got awful news that my dad's cancer is back and all over. Needless to say birthday kind of sucked, but that is how it goes sometimes. Kathy and Randy tried to cheer me by taking me out to the Claim Jumper for dinner, but half way through I realized that my son will most likely never see my dad again and that really got me. I am planning a trip back to Wisconsin to see my dad though it will be short since work is about to get rolling for me. Life should be easier.
I have been trying to think of things to cheer my dad and make me feel like I am doing something when there is really nothing I can do....I am gathering pictures and scanning them to put on a digital frame to give to my dad and I also wrote out a list of "Thank you's" to my dad for the many, many things he has done for me or given me. The list is good and reminded me of so many good times and the generosity of my father. If anyone has any suggestions for things to do for someone who is terminal please send them on...any good books for him or I to read, etc. I was trying to decide if he would like "The Last Lecture" or "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" etc. but not sure if that would just be more depressing. So advice is welcome. My sister and I are nowhere ready to lose our dad and I think it is hard for him to leave us knowing that so we need to find a way to get ready--he is going sooner than we would like.

Midnight Flight Christmas Style

I updated my Quiltville Mystery Page and another Quiltville page yesterday.  It was long overdue. Apparently I never blogged about this quil...