Sunday, August 19, 2018

Catching Up Again! Surprise On Ringo Lake is a Flimsy!

Hannah and I at our first wine tasting of many!

This past July I flew to Wisconsin for 15 days!  I was able to be at my best friend's son's wedding, see Hannah and her boyfriend Jeremy and Mac (we call him Jay now) and his fiancĂ© Liz and hang with my extended family too.  Hannah and I took our third annual Mother Daughter Trip to Door County so we could combine the trips this year (with me teaching I can no longer go in May and so it had to be postponed and this made the most sense..we may do something close to Wisconsin every three years or so so I can combine the trips and see everyone there too!). We also had Mac/Jay and Liz come up for a day and spend it with us.  That was super fun too!  

We went to this cool beach and hiked through the woods and until we found all these stacked up rocks.  So much fun setting the camera and trying to get just the right picture!

Hannah and I have a blast doing anything including trying on a ton of hats!

With Jay and Liz we took a ferry out to Washington Island and saw the Stave Church, two lavender farms, climbed a ton of stairs to the highest point on the island and had pizza (twice--don't ask!)

 This is my best friend Monica and I at Kyle and Anna's wedding.  They had it in this beautiful barn (built for weddings) and it was perfect!
I have not been feeling well at all for a long time and was finally diagnosed with a B12 deficiency.  For some reason I still am super tired after ten weeks of shots...I had a cold and then my BP was high...anyways it has been a rough few months.  Between trying to make it through my work week and the start of one of my moonlighting jobs (seven credits at community college in addition to full time teaching high school) I have been neglecting my sewing.  Finally put it some time before school started and a few hours each weekend to get this On Ringo Lake (On Green Bay) Quiltville Mystery Quilt into a flimsy!

I got the backing and binding made and it is packed up for Ros!

 Kathy has a few steps left to go so since this is my brother's wedding quilt (wedding postponed a year as his fiancĂ© is time to get on the baby quilt!) I have been helping with it.  I am sewing the geese together at this point and made the backing and binding tonight.  Kathy just finished the three piece triangle part and will now start joining that to the larger triangle.  We really want to get it done for pictures at our next Mystery Kickoff Party in November!

I miss blogging and reading my blogs, but I just never seem to have time for anything but work and exercise and sleep.  Thanks for stopping by!