Saturday, February 27, 2021

Grassy Creek String Borders in Progress

Hazel just turned five months old.  She is the light of all our lives and I am so glad I get to see her so much!  She will sit and watch me sew for a bit before she gets bored.  Cannot wait to teach her to sew!  She loves to look at quilts (they are everywhere here) and I hope that means she will want to be a quilter!
I have been playing more games.  This is Obsession which is themed like Downton Abby--sort of.  Really fun solo, but think I will like it even more with other players.
Aerion has grown on me.  At first I was not sure I liked it, now I am wanting to play it so I think it has caught me.  It is the first game I have sleeved, which I like, but which makes it not fit in the insert in the box right!
In sewing I finally started on my string borders.  Long way to go but will get there.  

 This is just a reminder pic of the colors I have...the whole center is done now.  

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Grassy Creek Center is Together!

Hazel and I made her Mama a birthday butterfly with her little feet.  Hannah loved it!  It was a nice surprise. Linking Up with SoScrappy!  
Made my RSC Challenge block for February--Pine Tree Point in yellow.  Hazel was here at the time so it took a long time to sew this one block!
My friend Andrea sent me this handmade card.  So pretty, I had to share it and say Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!
Finally got motivated and worked on Grassy Creek!

The entire center is together and I am happy about the colors.  Next up is the border.  I have not even started on the strings for the outer border so that will be a bit to get on.

 I also got my Morewood mystery quilt together. May add a dark border it the matching fabric but for now I am calling it done and the UFO for February.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Red Button Quilt Company and some UFO's are done!

Several years ago Barb and I found a cute Little Red Button Quilt Kit and decided to each make one.  That led to making one of these cute things each year!  They are fun little quilts.  Some use my scraps, and others were little kits.  
This one is really small.  

I finished up the quilting and binding on this one the other day.  No masterpiece (those hearts, lol) but fun to make.  I decided on this colorway instead of just reds and pinks because I already had the log cabin done and left from the itty bitty blocks.  Pattern is free on the Red Button website (at least for us on the group).

I also decided to call this my February UFO (instead of starting a new quilt) so I got all the blocks made for the Morewood Mystery.  Then I did get them all into a top.  I just ironed it and forgot to take a picture before putting it away.  I need to drag it back out.  I am happy with it.  May add the darker fabric as a border, but will think on that!

Also decided to quilt and bind this one and call it January's UFO.  Otherwise I would have been starting another new one.  
I guess I should get back to Grassy Creek!


Friday, February 5, 2021

Minis in Progress!

Hazel came for the day Wednesday.  Wore me out,  but we had fun!  Her first full day away from Mom and Dad!  
She did let me sew up clue one of the Kathleen Tracy mystery(from a facebook quilting group).  Later on I did clue two.  Nice easy clues for a mini quilt. 

 Yesterday I was able to sew most of the day and so made this little Red Button Quilt.  I just found the facebook group (I used to be on the yahoo group a decade ago!) and they offer a freebie each month and this one (Follow Your Heart) is February's.  I already had the log cabin made in the right size, so I decided to go with red, white, and blue instead of Valentine's colors as I had planned.  Was fun to make the top, now to get it quilted!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Grassy Creek Parts are Complete!

My sister Tina has apparently been Ambien shopping lately so I jokingly sent her my Amazon wish list.  She responded by sending me Chrononauts and a book and movie for Hazel too  I love this game and cannot get enough of it.  It is about changing events in time and sending time travelers home.  Really challenging and fun!

So for Valentine's Day I asked for more games.  It is an illness!  So I picked these out and they arrived yesterday.  Have not played them yet but will soon!

Yesterday I finally sewed (after a week or so of nothing) and got the rest of the parts for Grassy Creek made.
Next up top assembly!
My sister also sent Hazel this HUGE pink elephant.  She loves it!  This kid could not get any cuter--at least to us!


Secret Agent Mystery and Indigo Way Mystery Coming Along!

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