Sunday, September 24, 2017

En Provence is Done!

Played Quilt-O at guild this past week and both Kathy and  won a few goodies.  I forgot to get a picture of the loot though.
I am still crazy busy with teaching and had not sewn a stitch in weeks.  I am so far behind I do think I am first.  HAHA!  This morning when I could not sleep at 6 AM I decided to just get the binding on En Provence.  I had to clean the quilting studio and make space as things have just got piled and piled in here!  Then I got it done, feels good to have it ready for the party in November.

 Ros did the quilting and used a green thread.  I LOVE IT!

The label is even quilted in and signed by Bonnie.  I am already looking forward to the next mystery in November.  
Kathy got our BOM for 35th Ave. cut this afternoon while watching her Patriots and she has her block about done--I will get my done during Fall break (in one week we are off for two weeks).  We are also planning a trip to San Francisco with my mom (Alcatraz and Winchester House, China Town, Pier 39, etc.) and I am super excited about a few days there.  The other thing during break is training back at my old VRS job.  That is three days of training so I should have time for teaching prep AND sewing with any luck!
I was signed up for Quilt Camp but decided the timing was bad (I have another commitment that weekend and we will be just back to school that week) so not going this year.  Hoping to get together with Barb and have an all day sew day at home quilt camp.

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