Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Reading, Tree Sewing and Hazel Turns One!

Hazel turned one last month.  She has been walking and signing and even talking a bit for the past few months.  Really so much fun!  She kept this little hat on for quite a long time during her party too.

I decided to do a blind date with a book.  I found Julia on Etsy (BookBestie) and ordered my first date.  Here is the lovely package I received.  Almost too pretty to open!

The book was "Song of Achilles" which was on my radar to read.  It was a good story and my date was successful!

So I decided I wanted a second date and ordered another one.  Plus I realized I should have ordered a Gramala bookmark!  So I ordered up a second date.
This time I got "Wolf Hall" which is also on my radar and one I had not read!  I added it to my growing TBR to get to soon.  Super amazed that I did not get a book I had already read either time as I have read a lot.  I had a coupon for five dollars off that tipped me over into getting another one of these.  I also ordered a few more of the bookmarks (2 dollars each) for my best friend, my mom and Kathy.  They are cool and super sturdy.

Found energy one day to pull books off my shelf and dust and rearrange.  I ran out of ooomph before the bottom shelf which are kids books, buts still happy with it.  I put the books that were my grandparents or my Dad's on the top shelf.  They were previously in my living room.

Hazel is currently napping, but earlier today she played for almost forty minutes in the beans!  She is finally not trying to eat them (or the play-doh) which is nice!
I sewed yesterday and the day before for the first time in forever!  I was behind on my trees and am now all caught up.  Here is the lime version.
Here is the orange version.  BJ called me up out of the blue yesterday and so we facetimed and I was able to get these blocks done!  I have a total of ten blocks and realized that nine would complete this quilt so will play with layout and see what happens.

I have read all of these books since my last blog post.  Am suddenly reading a book every few days.  I am not done with "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" yet as I am reading two chapters of it every day and it is really long.  Also about half way through the CFS book as that is read in bites too.  The rest though are done.  Booktube helped me discover Elizabeth Gaskell and I read a few Victorian novels for Victober.  I enjoyed the N.K. Jemisin series and T.J Klune's whimsical books."Still Life with Rice" was a memoir about a Korean grandmother and I really enjoyed it.
Just got and finished "The Night She Disappeared" in my Once Upon a Book Club Box.  It was a page turner and I really enjoyed it even though the ending was a bit on the unbelievable side.

I have also been listening to audiobooks.  I get even more read this way!

 Hazel loves the bench Bumpa made her for her birthday.  Her mom plans to paint it or whitewash it.
I did some online subbing for ASU this past month too.  Learned how to teach on Zoom and do some online activities though Zoom.  Unfortunately my fatigue level went way up and I needed to sleep so much more.  It just was not sustainable which is too bad because I could have continued with it.  I am okay to sub here and there but ongoing cannot be done at this time. I was also asked to do online grading for ASL, but the position was twenty hours a week and I just cannot manage that.  It stinks because my disability is not yet approved and we could use the money from me working at least some, but I am not well enough to do much.  Too bad I cannot get an editing job because reading does not tire me near as much as interpreting or teaching!  
What are you reading?  Sewing?

Friday, September 17, 2021

A Whole Lot of Reading Going On

I recently discovered a whole world on youtube/booktube.  Been adding to my to be read list like crazy.  Read all of the above books (well, almost done with the top left one) as well as "Mexican Gothic," and "Billy Summers" which Jay gave me as a belated birthday present which did not make it in the picture.  I see "The Starless Sea" is not centered right either.  It is early, I have not started my coffee yet!  I have noticed most of the booktubers I have found are twentysomethings and I wish I could find some nearer my age.  

Hannah and Jeremy invited us over for dinner and game night last weekend.  She surprised us with a Grandparent's day card and gifts!  I love the new hot/cold cup and that it says GRAMALA!  Of course I love Hazel's tile picture but the card had all kinds of sweet stuff written in it appreciating us so that was the best!
We finally got a chance to play Deception:  Murder in Hong Kong and then we played Poor Choices.  
The only sewing I have done is a bunch of H's for H is for Happy for Hazel.  I am not sure I am going to get this done by her birthday as I just have not felt like sewing!  It will get done though.  I cut for two of them but only have H's made for one.  

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Happy Fall!

It has been a month since I blogged and all I sewed since them was the aqua Rainbow Scrap Challenge block!  I am linking up behind schedule and better see what the next color is!  I did not see it posted yet but Angela has a sick kiddo and is a teacher, so no worries if she is behind schedule.  I may have missed it too so will check back.  Only four months left to go!

I read another book box and really enjoyed it.  I should really cancel this but I really LOVE them.  I resell almost all of them so I try to look at it as a small rental fee!

My Mom and Dad have been in Wisconsin this summer and they finally managed to have good enough health to get to Milwaukee a few weeks ago.  Hannah and Hazel joined us at the Sunflower farm and we took lots of pictures.  We were there for close to two hours and it was hotter than expected that day.  I really enjoyed it, but took about a week to recover from the heat and the walk/standing time which was a new record for me.  Hannah picked us each raspberries while I fed Hazel lunch in the car.  
Here is a better four generation photo.  So nice to have us all together.  Hazel took to her Nini and Papa after a bit of warming up!  She talks to them several times a week on FB with me but seeing them in person for the first time made them real.

Hazel signs about ten signs now---not sure this video will work, but it is her signing BOOK.  She loves books!  If you ask her to sign the various signs she knows she can actually do many of them (we discovered this last week) and it is so cute that she can communicate!  She also says Mama, Dada, Lala (for Gramala) and Bumpa as well as baba (bottle or milk) and up to be picked up.  She understands far more of course and I am really enjoying getting time with her every week.  I nap when she naps and we do alright.

In other news we had to put Lombardi down a few weeks ago.  He was an old guy and got a fast growing cancer.  Her was so good with Hazel and we really miss him.  Coincidently, my parents dog Kachina died a few days prior to that.  She too will be missed and I am glad we got to see her when we visited earlier this summer.  
I am planning to make Hazel and "H" is for Happy quilt which is a Bonnie Hunter pattern for her babydolls.  Her birthday is a few weeks away and I finally started cutting the fabric from my strips today.  Kathy is making her a two step stepstool for her bathroom (Hannah and Jeremy bought a new house and moved and sold their old house too).  Getting her a few other things that we will keep here for her.  I have spent much of the last few months watching Montessori at Home videos ( I LOVE the Hapa Family) on youtube.  I have set up our toys that way here and Hazel is already starting to pick up toys and with direction, put them on the shelf when done.  We introduced her to play-doh and dried beans sensory fun this week.  I have to sit right with her and redirect if she tries to eat any of it!  


Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Progress...Slow and Steady!

I really have not sewn much the past two weeks.  Before that I got all the blocks and half blocks ready for Winter Blues in Green.  I then realized I had a TON of sashing to cut and cornerstones.  Wind out of sails  I just did not feel like cutting all that!  There is so much cutting and subcutting in this one!  I am loving my new ruler for doing it but still.  I also am pretty sure that I want to do a yellow version of this and then combine the two colors for TWO Packer quilts instead of doing one green one.  So plenty more sewing and cutting to happen, but I put it away for a break.
I also quilted up the Kathleen Tracy Mystery Quilt.  Pretty happy with how it turned out.
I got out the Modern Maples quilt kit Kathy bought me several years ago.  I was thinking that would make a nice fall project.  I love the fabric and the pattern but for some reason just did not feel like getting going on it.  I admired it all, and put it all away again.  Not even sure I will make this one....may just mix the fabric in and use it elsewhere.  Where is the quilting mojo?
Still getting the Once Upon a Book Club boxes.  This one was a good read and I liked some of the gifts, but I have been reselling them and not keeping any of it...helps me justify the cost of it!  I read the book in one day.

 A few days ago I did finally cut and then the next day sew something!  I made these Tending the Garden blocks which were a bit of a challenge.  I really struggled with the flowers.  Sewed the wrong colors not once but twice!  One yellow part on each was not as big as the others, etc.  Oh well, like in nature, each flower is different.  I also accidently made the blue part of the can too large but decided it looked fine so I left it.  

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Grey Trees and the Fourth of July

Since this month's color was blue again I decided to go with some greys.  I used my new aqua border sashing since I am low on the one I used for the first six blocks.  This one will blend in enough on the other six.  I am really enjoying the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!
I have also been working on Winter Blues (in greens) and finally got this awesome Stripology ruler which cuts so nicely!

We went up to the lake (Long Lake, Wisc) on July 4th so we could see the family.  Hannah and Jeremy and Hazel came out so everyone that was there finally met Hazel.  Here is our four generation photo.


Saturday, June 26, 2021

Fruits and Veges

Really love how my corn and tomatoes 2 block came out.  Cold watermelon is cute too.  
I had a partially cut Simple Gifts quilt and decided to just cut a few more strips and sew up.  Nothing super cute but now I have an empty bin.  
I was planning on doing GE Designs Hey June QAL today but my mom (who just got into Eau Claire for the summer last Saturday) is really sick in critical care.  She has cancer and diabetes and heart issues, but she apparently got a UTI which turned septic before she went in.  She had a mild heart attack the first night there.  Hopefully she is strong enough to recover from this but a lousy start to her visit.  She has not met Hazel yet, so hoping that will happen next weekend when they travel home for the 4th of July.  Not sure it can happen if she is still in the hospital then, so crossing fingers she recovers well and is out.  Anyway, Kathy is working mandatory overtime this morning so I decided to keep busy sewing and such and then when she is done we have a few things we have to do and then we will head out of town.  It is a four hour drive home so we will go today, spend the night with my best friend, see Mom and Dad and head home tomorrow.  Not what we would plan for our first trip but I have not seen mom in a year and with her health it is worth the hassle.  


Sunday, June 20, 2021

Farm Girl Vintage is Growing!

Read the latest Once Upon a Book Club box and put it up for sale when I was done.  I have enjoyed all but one of the books I have read in the past year.  Thinking I may cancel after my birthday as it is not cheap, but I wind up selling almost all of them so basically it costs me postage for the fun each month.  
I started working on more towels since I need new ones (and I gave away all the ones I made last year) and they make great gifts.  I had to reacquaint myself with the buttonholer I bought which took only a few minutes with the help of a youtube video.  I sewed all the tops on to the towels (forgot to put batting in the top before I sewed, going with it) and now all that is left is to sew the buttons on.  Great thing to do in front of the TV this week. 

I also laid out one set of the Lori Holt blocks for fun.  Pretty happy with these and enjoying making most of them!

I then picked out an easy block to make (to help me recover from the tractor!).  This is the Mixing it Up block.  I also found an "All Things Lori Holt" facebook group and joined that.  Love seeing all the projects there.  My blocks are from Farm Girl Vintage 1 and 2 with the puppy from the Christmas book.  I need to buy Spelling Bee too!  Rather addicting, and I love that I am using my modern fabrics which do not see enough love now that my Tula Pink quilt is done.