Sunday, September 24, 2023

Midnight Flight Christmas Style

I updated my Quiltville Mystery Page and another Quiltville page yesterday.  It was long overdue. Apparently I never blogged about this quilt.  I took a workshop from Bonnie Hunter with a bunch of friends and my friend Barb went crazy and made too many parts for her own quilt.  You may remember I made a baby size quilt as I was so fatigued (and still working) that I struggled with getting the layout right.  I actually left several mistakes in it

A Pile of Progress!

Last Thursday I sewed with Becky and Barb online, we have a standing Thursday sew time which is nice!  So I decided to put most of the applique on this on by machine and then chain stitched the stem.  No awards won, but I will get it quilted so we can enjoy it this fall.  The pattern is September Golds from Red Button Quilt Company I love her patterns and have amassed quite a collection.  Barb made this one with me too.
I quilted this quilt myself a few months ago.  It turned out alright.  Finally got the binding made and on it a few days ago.  This one was BJ's Sundown pattern.  I love the chain in it and could see making it again.
I finished this one awhile back but do not think it ever made the blog.  Found it on my camera when I was cleaning out my pictures.  Barb sent me most of these leftover blocks (or gave them to me in person several years ago) and I made a baby quilt with them.  


Thursday, September 14, 2023

September Sewing Homework!

Aqua is the color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for September.   Four blocks in two different sizes.
Also did the next block for A Quilting Life's BOM.  

 Here are all the blocks for that so far.  Looking forward to it coming together.

I also got the binding made for another quilt and it is half attached.  Hopefully today I will get the other half of it done.  

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Ruby Jubilee--Forgotten Flimsy!

So today I did some cleaning up of my post labels have many duplicates, typos, etc. so I did some cleaning up on those.  Then I decided to update my Quiltville Mystery page and my Parade of Quiltville Quilts page.  I never even got last year's quilts on there!  Anyway, in doing that I discovered that I never posted the completed Ruby Jubilee top with the borders.  This was done almost a year ago now.  Sheesh.
Bug loves it!

The completion of this quilt was a labor of love.  I copied Bonnie's version (mostly) and really enjoyed sewing it with Barb (hers is in green) and Becky (hers is in purple).  Barb did all the blocks (I think) and then decided she did not want to put it together, so I am currently working on Emerald Jubilee too.  I am thinking I will get them quilted and save them for Hazel and Indie for a special occasion down the line.  


Saturday, September 2, 2023

Chilhowie is a Flimsy!

I do not remember if I mentioned we finally got a new dog.  Meet Lady.  She is supposedly three, but we are not buying it.  She has a bit more energy than we expected but otherwise fits in nicely.  She loves Kathy!
Last Thursday I spent eight hours getting Chilhowie's center done.  Managed to get the border on too.  All the matching pieces were not my favorite, but it looks nice.
Yesterday was Kathy and I's eighteenth anniversary. She brought me roses!  
Today I completed the Chilhowie top.  Super happy with it and so excited to get it done before the next mystery as I was starting to think it was going to hit the UFO pile forever.

I then finally trimmed this quilt that I quilted a month or so ago and made the binding too.
I also got out my aqua for the RSC and am ready to go with those blocks next time I sew!

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Two Wedding Quilts, Two BOM's, Two Grandbabies! TOO BLESSED!

Now that I have a table in my library/office I have really gotten into puzzles (and audiobooks).  Here is a quilty one I made last week.  
Here are my A Quilting Life BOM blocks.  Keeping up with them!
This is my Dakota Farmer Rainbow Scrap Challenge block and below, more of them.  I have many of these blocks in different colors and sizes and am looking forward to seeing them come together into quilts.  I think next year I am going to do Bonnie's new Morning Glories paper pieced pattern.  I enjoy paper piecing but like the idea of doing a few a month instead of all at once!  I love that pattern too.  Linking up with Angela.  


In other big news, Hazel has a baby sister!  Meet Indigo Avolyn!  Indie was born on August 10th (just barely) and is the sweetest angel!  Hazel is loving being a big sister (and turns three next month).  

Look how proud Hazel is of Indie!  Hannah and Jeremy have their hands fuller!
AND!!!  Coleman's oldest stepdaughter Hailey and her fiance Chava had Wren Randall on August 13th.  Here is big brother Matteo (last you saw his pic he was barely bigger than this!).  He looks pretty proud too!  

Hazel and I picked some of our plantings the other day.  Lots of tomatoes and some green beans.  

Hailey and Chava are getting married Labor Day weekend.  He is joining the Army and will soon go off to training.  This quilt will be their wedding gift.  I made this one with 35th Ave. BOM 2017 and it has been waiting for its forever home.  I hope they love it. (I did refold it differently in hopes the fold marks will disappear in transit!)

My honorary daughter Rachel is also getting married in Norway.  This is another 35th Ave.  Kaleidoscope of Kolor 2013 that has been waiting too.  Very happy to get these quilts out in the mail.  


Saturday, July 29, 2023

Princess Crown and More!

Here is the new granddaughter's Princess Crown qult top.  She should be arriving on August 9th.  She is breech and will be getting turned and induced (or C sectioned) on August 9th.  Hoping she turns herself and comes on her own before that, but soon she will be here!  Hazel is beyond excited (I am going to be a big sister!) as are we!
I started this Eye Spy just before we moved, and discovered it in the tote when I went to start another one.  So quick finish on this top.   
I quilted two of my tops yesterday.  I always put the quilting off since I am not great at it, but I am now procrastinating Chillhowie so I decied to work on the long neglected quilting!


Midnight Flight Christmas Style

I updated my Quiltville Mystery Page and another Quiltville page yesterday.  It was long overdue. Apparently I never blogged about this quil...