Sunday, June 29, 2014

My June NewFo

I didn't think I had actually started anything new in June so that I could link up for the NewFo Challenge, but I went back through my blog and realized I started my Cheddar Churn Dash this month!   WHOOT WHOOT!
 This picture was in a magazine--Bonnie's friend in the Netherlands's had a quilty photoshoot.  I fell in love with this and could not find a pattern anywhere!  Becky helped me (ok she did the whole thing) come up with a pattern.  You may recall I lost it and guessed on the size of the churn dashes and made a whole bunch at 6.5 inches before I realized they were WAY too big.  So this month I started again with 3.5 inch blocks.  They are so cute.  Many of the fabrics are from the estate sale I went to a few months ago.  That crazy lime one was June's fabric.
 I was trying to get a picture with one of each colorway but whoops, got two of the one of them!

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Hawaii Sunset Update and More

 Coleman brought me a cup of coffee in bed this morning so I hung out and read my library book for a bit.  I love this author, this is the third book of hers I have read this month!

 Yesterday I pulled out Hawaii Sunset and cut the dark blue sashing strips.  I attached them to the larger setting triangles and figured out that my smaller setting triangles seem least there are only four of them but I may have to redo them or adjust.  Linking up with Judy at the Patchwork Times  for Design Wall Monday!
 I hadn't cut the green squares for the sashing strips, so I did that.  I hope I counted right.  I feel like this last part is complicated because the directions are basically a picture.  It is far too big to lay the whole thing out in my quilting studio so I am hesitant to even try to do this--and it is further complicated by the fact that the edge strips are to be cut on two different angles and must be placed right for it all to work out.  I have not even attempted that part yet.  Most of it is back in the box except for this bit on the design wall.  Angela and Amy and I will get this done (really Andra and Judy!) one of these fine days but for me it will not be today!
 Instead I played around and followed the idea of the Bloomin Patch but I did not quilt as I went.

 The one below with the strawberry start will be going to Norway with Randy in a few days.  He is off to see his daughter Rachel (my honorary daughter) and her son Leon.  I am sending a few books for him but wanted to send her something I made.  That little strawberry scrap is leftover from a quilt that Randy now has.  I thought she might get a kick out of that.  I was pretty happy with how they turned out considering there was no real pattern and I was happy to use some of my red strings!

 And her is Kathy holding up what she worked on today.  She has her flimsy of her Crossroads blocks together.  She plans to quilt it herself and gift it to her great nephew Noah.  She has blocks done for his brother Jax too.
Kathy also got a scrappy purple binding on her Kaleidoscope of Kolor BOM from last year (yes, mine still needs that border fixed!) after getting it back from Ros.  The quilting is really pretty--you can see it a little better in the second picture that Ros took.  This one is for her niece Bree (the mom of the boys mentioned above).  This one has been a long time in the works and I know Bree is going to be thrilled with it!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Farewell to Yellow and More

 I finished up the last of the yellow lozenges and a few other rainbowish ones that I had also cut along the way so I now have a total of 320 done at the half way point.  My goal was 405 so with six colors left to go I will easily pass that by!  All my yelllow Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks are done too and I am ready for the next color!  Linking up with SoScrappy!  We are halfway through our rainbow and this week we will post the first half of the rainbow, so be looking for that!
I got the binding on my Ring around the Hexies quilt.  This is really one of my favorite quilts.  Hand sewing the hexies, piecing those gorgeous Bonnie blocks and the quilting is great!  Ros is so talented and knows just what I want even when I don't!  Thanks Ros!
 Here it is hanging above the bed (which wasn't made so it isn't in the picture!).

 Last night we watched "How to Train Your Dragon" while sewing a bit and I made these three little churn dashes.  I am getting quite the stack, they are really fun!  Today is our work "picnic" and we are all going to see part two of the movie and then to Oregano's to eat.  Tomorrow sewing with Becky and the other Kathy (and maybe Barb), the last two I haven't seen in forever, so should be fun.  No idea what I am going to bring to sew, thought maybe the long forgotten Hawaii Sunset
which I FINALLY got out.  I cut the remaining blue strips and attempted to figure out the angles needed for the cornerstones/side triangles.  GRR.  Not as easy for me as I would like.  I also discovered I didn't cut the remaining green squares (why of why didn't I?) so I have plenty more cutting to do!  I think it might be too frustrating to work on while gabbing so I may need to prep something else tonight or drag out a WIP that is easier!
Oh in WW news, I lost 1.8 this week so almost to 43 pounds.  People are actually stopping me and asking me what I am doing so it is noticeable finally! :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Wild and Goosey Gets Another Row!

 I am trying to get at least one Wild and Goosey block each weekend or so and am already behind on my goal, lol well here it is Monday and I got it done.  So I attached a whole new row and this quilt is still TINY!  I either have to get to making more blocks or this sucker is going to be lap size, lol!  I love using up every little scrap and getting each block done.  Lots of hours into this quilt, but it is very enjoyable!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Little More Yellow for RSC Challenge

 After helping my parents get settled in in their new house (again I know, they say they are staying in this house--time will tell!) today I got a haircut and a pedicure and finally did a little sewing.  I am not feeling the greatest (Kathy thinks I might be dehydrated, so I am drinking a bunch of water) and think I may go lie down a bit--which is a rarity for me in the middle of the day.  Been feeling off for several hours though.  Anyhoo, here is the big butterfly and the fiesta pinwheel.  Kathy says that is her favorite block so far of the yellow.
 There are all the yellow blocks so far, with a big splash of sunshine going across the wall, this is Arizona after all.
 And here are the lozenges so far, I gotta get moving on those.  I still have quite a stack of yellow and only another week til we move on to the next color.  This month is flying by!
Linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge go check out everyone else's yellows!  
In other news, I lost 3.4 pounds this past week for a total of 41!  I have a long way to go, but one day at a time I am going to get there.  I am fitting into clothes I haven't worn in a few years and am really motivated to just keep at it.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Follow the Yellow Block Road!

Alamo Star
 I didn't get to sew until about 8 PM tonight but I got on my yellow RSC blocks and I think I might be caught up again (or there might be one to go, I am not sure!).
Boxed Kite

Bright Hopes

Economy Block

Lover's Knot

Mock LeMoyne Star

Wacky Pinwheel

Linking up with Angela for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Check out what others are making over there!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

35th Ave. BOM Traditions!

 I did a little sewing today before going into work for a few hours.  Did block six of the Traditions block of the month from 35th Ave.  Half way through them and then they will become a quilt for my great aunts--Kathy is making one too so they will each get one.  I cannot wait to get them done and send them on early next year!
I also sewed up some more teeny tiny churn dashes...these are really fun!  I didn't get around to making the quilt backs I was planning to do, I hate making backings!  They will wait for another day!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Scrappy Trippin'

 Since I was off work today I decided to dig out my scrappy trip blocks and start playing.  After adding one block I took a picture and decided I like the barn raising look.

 I kept adding blocks while watching some old movies (Serenity and Hackers) and eventually decided it was big enough!

 Two blocks are turned the wrong way in the picture below, caught one before sewing and one after!  This kind of quilt really requires me to sit back and study it!

 Got crazy and added a lime border.

 Then nothing looked quite right for an outer border so this black leafy fabric wound up there.  Tomorrow I hope to make a backing for it and call it done (for now!).

Patter is a free one on Quiltville!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sunday Funday--and a Good Read!

This morning I cleaned and sorted through one of my bookshelves.  I mostly read on my Nook these days and tend to ignore the entire shelf of to be read books.  I decided to get rid of twenty or so of them that I know I will never read, and in the sorting I came across "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton.  It called to me even after reading the backs of a bunch more books so I have spent more time reading than anything today.  There is just nothing like a good book to take you away and it reminds me of when I was not even ten and discovered books like "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" and "The Secret Garden" I have memories of just reading and reading and never wanting it to end!  I was the proud winner of the "reading rockets" in sixth grade--by A LOT! If you are a reader, leave me a comment about some of your favorite reads please!

So I did manage to sew up the latest Ooh Rah! QOV block.  This one was a bit harder for me, the directions don't tell you the sizes to square up as I went and some tips were lost along the way, but all in all I like it.
 So here is half of the Quilt of Valor which will eventually find its way to Alycia!
 I also had some fun and quilted up this block you may recall from the RSC challenge which had to be redone since it was not quite the right size.  Waste not, want not, it is now a mug rug!
 And since I was in a putzy mood I finally quilted my tea pot into a mug rug too!

Secret Agent Mystery and Indigo Way Mystery Coming Along!

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