Thursday, March 24, 2016

Stitching and Prepping for Camp!

 I finally decided on the Simple Gifts pattern for Suli's twins.  I made the one for the little guy first.  Suli says each of her kids has a forest animal that represents them and he will be raccoon.  She will be fox so I had to order fox fabric so hers isn't done yet.
 I also did a ton of prepping for quilt camp.  Here I cut the strips for one of the Talkin' Turkey borders.

 I cut for other borders as well.
 And today after my migraine finally went back several notches (I came home from working early and napped for several hours) I got the flying geese part of the border cut and pinned and marked.
Rachel sent me a snapchat of Leon (in Norway) with his tool belt on that I made him.  He likes it and He spends hours fixing stuff at home now!  Made my day!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sewing on Sunday!

 Colton's Mickey pillow is done.   Fringe and all.  I made my mom a sock monkey one for Christmas and Colton insists it is his, so she requested I make him one for her house.
 I got the 35th Ave. BOM done since pick up day I will be at quilt camp.
Here are my three blocks so far.  It will be a QOV.

A Month of Nothing!

 A sweet gal from guild made me a little doily for my sewing machine!  It goes under the spool of thread.  So cute and thoughtful of her--she did it because I invited her to our annual Quiltlville Mystery Kickoff.
 I have sewed nothing in the past month except this little hanging sleeve so my "Making Tracks to Guild" quilt can hang in the AQG show.  I had the flu, have had lots of migraines (though doing better the past week or two!) and just have had too much going on to even get in my quilting studio.
 I did buy backing fabric with thing one and thing two on it for Suli's twins (Blake and Alex coming May 15th or before) but that is as far as I have gotten.  Really need to decide on a pattern and get to making two of them!
 I did win this awesome book from Hugh Howey!  He has a short story in it and I am looking forward to reading all the weather related end of the world short stories in the book.

 I am still working on the weight loss and going to Weight Watchers.  I have lost 109.4 pounds so far and my marbles are slowly moving over to the other jar!

 Me two years ago, me a year ago and me now.  Still have plenty to go but I am happy with my progress!  Still hiking, doing machine Pilates and the elliptical.  We finally got Kathy a bike so we are starting to bike ride too!

Colton turned three so we went to his party (he had a Mickey Mouse bouncy house) after the Cave Creek Fiesta Days Parade.  
 I have been in the quilting studio today getting organized for a landscape class I am taking on Friday!  I picked out all these pictures (only the first one I took, the rest are looted off the internet) and will be choosing one of them to turn into a little quilt.  Way out of my comfort zone as I am not an applique fan but I just love how they look!
 My quilting friend Stephanie made the first one of these and found the other two on the net, one is Paula's from AZ.
 I have all my supplies ready and a stacks of fabric too.  Here's hoping I have enough variety!  There is green on the bottom of the stack.

A Whole Lot of News!

For some reason I do not think this Kathleen Tracy sampler ever made it to the blog after I quilted it with a baptist fan and bound it.  Lov...