Monday, October 16, 2017

Straits of Mackinac Rainbow BOM

 I also managed to get caught up on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge BOM from SuperScrappy while on break.  Always makes me smile to not be behind!  Only two more months to go on this and then I am going to need a new block to do each month.  Remind me to pick something less labor intensive since I am so busy with work!
I will say I love how these blocks are coming together and the movement that is created when you put them together makes all the time worth it! 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fall Break Comes to an End

 Fall break is over much to quickly!  We had a great but quick vacation to San Francisco with my mom--if I am get a minute I will pick some pictures and post them here.  I miss blogging and reading my blogs but I just trained back at my old video relay job and since we cannot have our phones with us while we work (but we have access to the internet) I will again be reading and commenting on blogs!  I miss them and rarely seem to fit them in with my crazy schedule but it works perfectly to read them while on hold at that job!  I am a good multitasker even though they say people are not!
So on to the sewing.  I sewed a ton with Kathy last night and most of today!  YAY.  She is just done with clue 5 of En Provence (always working til the last second that girl!) and I got a ton of stuff caught up and done! 

 I have had these hexagon trivets mostly ready to go for a long may remember I made a bunch with Christmas fabric then decided I needed to make some regular ones...finally got all 17 done today while watching specials about Prince. 
My online PACKER quilter friend Nancy sent me some leftover spool blocks she had after completing her spool quilt.  I wanted to link to it on her blog but I could not find a picture of it even though I have seen one! Anyways I have two blocks left so if any of you also want to donate your blocks because you had random leftovers or lost steam I will home them in a heartbeat!  I love how all the different fabrics look in these fun leader/ender blocks of Bonnie's.  I did not do this years even though I had big plans to do just never happened.  

 My UFO Challenge for this month is my two sets of Bitty Blocks. I did not make a row of each and so I have two different size blocks and so there they sit.  I studied them again today and decided to just put them away for now.  Not happening!
 I FINALLY got out this little kit Barb and I bought about a year ago at a quilt show.  It is not done yet...I accidentally put the wrong size red outer border on (still another border to go) and so I ripped it out while soaking in the tub tonight (multitasker, told you.  Epsom salts, help with the migraines).  So if I get a few minutes to sew this week I will be resewing smaller borders and the cream border.  LOVE this tiny little quilt!
Tomorrow I go back to work (teaching) and the kids come back on Wednesday.  The time went so fast!  I did get alot of planning for the quarter, some lesson planning, test writing, etc. done on break so feeling like I might not be AS overwhelmed as we go.   However, I am now freelancing two nights a week til December and most likely at my new VRS job one night a week too.  Add Pilates to that and I am one busy camper.  Super excited to have insurance though...already used it to pick up meds and get new glasses! 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Fall Break Means SEWING!

 Tomorrow is our quilt guild's small quilt auction so when I finally got a minute to sew I started with this Rock Candy tabletopper.  I made some awhile back and had this one all cut and ready to go.
 I also got the 35th Ave. BOM together. Not my best block as I was a bit rushed.  My parents finally came back from their summer in Wisconsin and were staying here this past weekend (they were doing a craft show nearby) so it was nice to see them and catch up.  My brother got engaged and his engagement party was last Saturday night so we went north to celebrate with them and Ashley asked me and my sister to be bridesmaids.  Wedding is tentatively scheduled for March 2019.
I also found time Sunday to sew the last two blocks of the Pat Sloan Library BOM.

 I sewed the top together up until the last two borders and got this picture.  I will get better pictures outside now that I added the last two borders.
 I am saddened by the news of the shooting in Vegas and have been working this morning on last month and this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks.  I have orange and pink to do...almost all parts are sewed and ready to be put together.
I am off work for two whole weeks for Fall Break....we are going out of town to San Francisco ( I have never been there!) on Friday with my mom.  We will see Alcatraz and Angel Island, China Town, the Pier, a Deaf Pizza Place called Mozzeria and Winchester House...and whatever else catches our interest in the few days we have.  Next week I am training back at my old video relay job for three days.  I also picked up a little freelance so I am not completely off work...also I have TONS to do for planning and prepping for second quarter.  So trying to get in some fun sewing while I can!

A Little Bit of This and a Lotta Snow!

Barb and I got our A Quilting Life BOM made right away this month.   Bekcy completed her "Ruby" Jubilee!  LOVE IT! I just got the ...