Monday, November 28, 2016

Quiltville Mystery Quilts Parade

In order of when Bonnie offered them, here are my previous mystery quilts:
**some of these quilt patterns are still free online at Quiltville, others are in Bonnie's books**

1. Carolina Crossroads was the first mystery quilt Bonnie offered online in 2007.  I joined the quiltvillechat yahoo group after it had started so I decided to join in on the next mystery.  Finally in June of 2010 I started working on it and after about a year I finished it!  I loved Bonnie's colors so I didn't change anything and I gave it to my brother Sam and his wife Tiffany.

2. Orange Crush was the second mystery, but was actually my first!  Made in Spring of 2008--in the beginning there was more than one mystery per year. I didn't change up any colors for this one either.  This is the quilt that made me fall in love with scrappy!  I gave it to Kathy's niece Megan and have been wanting it back ever since!

3. Tobacco Road was the August 2008 mystery.  I didn't make this one at the time either.  I was teaching and had WAY too much prep to do since I was using a different curriculum than I had always used.  Kathy and I later went back and tag teamed on this one. It doesn't have a home yet.

4. Double Delight was the January 2009 mystery.  This one is on my bed and is the first time I used cheddar.  Cheddar is now an absolute favorite of mine!

5. Christmas Lights was a Quiltmaker mystery that Bonnie designed starting in the July/August 2009 issue. It is our Christmas Quilt.  It was much easier than the previous mysteries since it was only three parts.  It is still a great design and was really fun to make!

6. Carolina Christmas was the next online mystery in 2009.  This is the first one that I decided to mess with the colors!  I had just done a Christmas quilt and wanted something with purple in it for my daughter Hannah.  Here is the result.  

7. Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll was the 2010 mystery.  This was my first time making string blocks.  I didn't like them--then suddenly I LOVED them.  This one is still at my house--I have a hard time parting with Bonnie's quilts!

8. Orca Bay/Green Bay was the 2011 mystery.  I didn't have the colors Bonnie suggested  in the right quantities and so I decided to use two fat quarter stacks of greens and golds.  Near the end I suddenly realized I had a PACKER quilt!  I gave it to Randy--it was so hard to part with!

9. Easy Street was the 2013 mystery. This quilt was given to my god-daughter Kelsey for her high school graduation.  

10. Lazy Sunday was a four part mystery in Quiltmaker magazine starting in March/April of 2013.  I was inspired by a Better Homes and Gardens palette and changed up Bonnie's colors.  It doesn't have a home yet either--and in fact just came off Ros' longarm a day or two ago.  I will get it on Saturday and will get it bound soon. 

11.  Celtic Solstice is going to be number I have changed up the colors and am hoping that it will be another Packer colored quilt.  

12. Grand Illusion 

13. Allietare!

14. En Provence

I have enjoyed making each and every one of these quilts and my understanding of quilting, color, quarter inch seams, etc. has really grown with each quilt Bonnie offers.  Step by step (and with awesome pictures) I can sew anything.  How many Bonnie mysteries have you made?
P.S. If you want to see all the Bonnie quilts (not just the mysteries) check out my Quiltvile Parade page.  
Thanks to Kathy for inspiring me to create my own parade of Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilts!  

En Provence--How Did I Choose My Palette?

 At our kickoff party we had three Quiltville show and tells that were not Allietare.  Ros sent my Talkin' Turkey to the party with BJ.  She quilted it beautifully as always.  Now go get this LONG TIME project bound!
 Ros also quilted BJ's Easy Street.  Love how this one turned out.  This third one I think is wonky stars and for the life of me I cannot recall who spread it out to show us.  She mentioned it to me and I wandered over a took a picture not sure who it was...anyone recall I will edit this post!  It too is gorgeous!  I just love these scrappy quilts!

Bonnie always has amazing designs and the best colors.  You cannot go wrong by following her palette.  For the first several that is just what I did.  Then one day I decided the whole of Quiltville was copying and I should change it up. I have actually learned a lot from doing this.  My Celtic Solstice is quite unique since I did a green and lime green not realizing that the two greens would read kind of close next to each other and would change the look of the design completely.  It is still gorgeous luckily but I do not have the round designs that others have because of that switch.  I have also learned too many mediums does not a good mystery quilt make.  My Grand Illusion is a little too muted for me and I should have gone dark with some of the colors.  Now I like to think that is easier for me!

 Here are Bonnie's colors.  Very pretty but I want more unique so I went to Design Seeds and created a Pinterest board to pin them on.  Eventually I decided on this one.
Here are my fabric choices though I think some of the reds are with the peachy colors.  Really looking forward to the mystery as always.  Cannot believe I forgot to blog about my color choices!  So here they are. 
Kathy is doing her quilt in Patriots colors.  She is keeping this one. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fourth Annual Quiltville Mystery Kickoff Party--En Provence!

 Kathy and I hosted the fourth annual Quiltville Mystery Kickoff Party last Friday to celebrate the start of Bonnie Hunter's En Provence Mystery!  This is something we look forward to every year.  We invite anyone and everyone who is into Quiltville.  Every year we make a few new friends and get to know others more.  This year our newbie attendees were Susan, Heather, Jill, Fran and Evelyn I believe. 
 We always order a cake and this year I tasted it--delicious.  We send home the leftovers so that is all I get!
Kathy, Marguerite, Laura, BJ, Barb, Kathy, Celeste, Jill, Heather, Susan, Evelyn, Jen, Ann, Bonnie, Terri, Fran and me (Andee)
 We take pictures after lunch.  This year we did not have a handy hubby to take pictures so after we did some missing me or missing Kathy we decided to do a selfie shot so we could get everyone in!  Later on Becky stopped by but she was not in the pictures.  We had a nice turnout this year despite the fact that a few of our regulars were out of town and unable to be there. 

 Nine of us brought completed Allietare's to show off. Another gal had hers done but had already gifted it--Celeste I think.  I know a few of those who could not attend also had them done (Ros and ???)...not bad ladies!
 Of course I had to show off my copper mug/ocean inspired Allietare!  This is my first scallop and I LOVE the look of it.

Ann was in charge of organizing donations and drawings  for door prizes this year.  It was really fun to draw a person or two every hour.  We had about eight winners and we got rid of a few kits, books and rulers that we did not need in the process.  I did not win, but Kathy did so she is sharing her kit with me.  WHOOT.  THANK YOU ANN!  I made paint chip party favor Christmas ornaments.  All the mystery colors on one chip. 

Kathy, Kathy, Marguerite, Andee (me), Laura, Barb, Evelyn, Bonnie and Fran

 Kelli could not make it, but we did duck lips in her honor as it is now a tradition!  So proud of all the gals that get this mystery done in time for our party.  I think it comes off the back burner and gets done for some folks at the last minute, but hey it gets it done! 
 Ros also could not make it and she usually helps share the cost and the hard work of making the labels.  She was willing to do them for us and we could mail them but Barb offered to teach me on her Canon printer.  SO EASY!  I learned something new, everyone got a label (and I have a few leftover if a few of my regulars who were there in spirit want one) and I bought myself a new printer so now I can make them for every quilt I do if I like.  So this was party favor number two.  THANKS BARB!
Five years ago Kathy, Kathy, Becky, Barb and I got together on black Friday to sew at Kathy's house.  We gabbed of our love of Bonnie as we all started the Easy Street Mystery (Becky just bought her border fabric to finish that one up yesterday!)  It was that small group sewing day that led to our actually throwing the first Quiltville Mystery Kickoff Party the following year.  We kicked off Celtic Solstice at a fun shop Jan owned.  Later the shop closed and Jan and hubby moved to Minnesota.  We had our party in the community room of our police station for the next two years.  This year due to a last minute conflict (and a long story) we wound up at the police substation.  When we arrived it was locked with a note it was closed due to the holiday (despite our last minute reservation--thanks Barb).  After ten crazy minutes the police chief said we could use the room anyway but we had to figure out letting people in the locked door.  THANKS to Dr. KATHY for volunteering to put her text number on the door and for running out every time someone needed to come in! 
Our group has grown every year and we now have forty two people who want to be invited each year!  Of course because it is right at the Thanksgiving Holiday not everyone can always make it, but the group keeps growing.  I guess when we have too many for our room there will need to be two locations, lol.  I love these ladies and enjoy meeting new friends and seeing everyone's fabrics and completed quilts.  A big shout out and thank you to the generous Bonnie Hunter for doing this for us every year!

 Kathy insisted we do a cutters up picture for Bonnie too!  I did not get pictures of anyone's four patches and barely put three together myself.  I do have lots of twosies.  I spent most of my time enjoying the people and plan to sew like a made woman this afternoon so I don't feel behind!
So here are the parades from the past three years (we did not do a parade the first year) and I look forward to clue two and the next parade!
Thank you to everyone who attended, who brought food and donation prizes and especially to those who helped with set up or clean up.  It really makes it a great day for all of us.  Fellow Quiltvillians, you are all dear to my heart!
**Edit** Well I managed to get clue one done today.  It has been a whirlwind of a weekend and quilting did not get the priority I wanted it to, but I got it done!  I spent some time learning how to spin the seams for the first time and I finally get it!  That Bonnie teaches me at least one new thing each mystery!  I almost think I enjoyed slowing down and spinning the seams, almost. 
I am looking forward to linking up with Quiltville in the morning before work!  If you are new to my blog and are interested in seeing my Quiltville obsession please check out my Quiltville Parade! I have made every mystery and plenty more. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Johnny 5 sews Christmas Gifts for 2016! (And Garden Party is a Flimsy!)

Last Thursday I went to Barb's for a sew day  I put the borders for Garden Party on finally! So happy to have this one done. I need to get a backing together so I can get it quilted before Bonnie's visit in January!  I love how it came out and it reminds me of the cruise and all the good memories there and new friends made there too!

 When I got to Barb's I told her that I woke up that morning thinking I needed a Bernina.  She has three and when I sew at her place I use one of her machines.  So while we were sewing I pulled up Craig's list and found one!  Barb and I took a sewing break and drove an hour or so to Peoria and picked her up from a pawn shop.  She is in great shape and came with a case, CD, book, embroidery foot and all the parts to run her.  She was missing her quilting foot and walking foot, or any others and only had one bobbin, but we will remedy all that soon.  Barb cleaned her out and showed me how and gave me the basics of what does what on her.  I am in love!  We decided to name her Johnny 5 after the Short Circuit smart robot thought that made me think of Wall-E and then Bern-E but Johnny 5 she is. 

 I grabbed the nearest thing to me when I got home so I could try her out.  It was my crumber (tumbler leader/ender from awhile back) that was in rows but never made it to a top.  It went together in a jiffy and the machine was fabulous!   This quilt is long and thin.  I was trying not to duplicate any reds so this is what  I had or begged, borrowed or stole.  I may use this as part of a backing on something--maybe Garden Party--not sure yet.
Yesterday we picked up the next BOM for 35th Ave. and then came home and sewed.  I made 28 Kleenex cases for Christmas presents.  I can make more...everyone loves these and they are super easy to make and use up random small bits of fabric 

 Kathy has been working very hard to complete her  Allietare!  She now has the top together and trimmed and is ready for her borders!  It really looks great and even she commented on how much her sewing has improved with each Quiltville mystery quilt!
 I was gifted a bunch of fabric awhile back from Tiffany and I think this little bag was in there--not sure where it is from but I did not make it or buy the fabric.  Anyways I added drawstrings and now it is a gift bag!
 I also made EIGHT aprons for kids for Christmas gifts.  The pattern is made by a gal who was in the modern quit guild when I was in it.  She gifted some of her patterns and I have always meant to make it. I have to say I love how they came out!
The pattern is easy, directions are so clear!  I will be making more.  The fabric came from Mexico and is heavier than cotton but lighter than canvas.  The bias tape went on with the zig zag on Johnny 5 (new Bernina) super well.  Finished them all up today after picking up more bias tape.  Pattern says you can make it, but I went quick and lazy since time is of the essence!

These are the child size aprons cute!  Colton gets the red pocket one, Lilly gets the bottom one since she is the only girl getting one so far and it has rick rack on it. Koi (my Godson) gets the one with the shark on the pocket and Ollie will get black polka dots as will Leon in Norway.  Last year the boys got tool belts, this year aprons.  LOL good for boys to cook too.  Ollie's dad (and Ben's stepdad) is a chef so these boys like cooking!
  Two of the aprons are for older kids--my nephew Ben gets the flames and sort of nephew Christian (brother's gf's son) gets the dinosaurs.
I also started on pillowcases for my best friend Monica and her husband Bob.  I saw cool deer fabric and could not resist it for them.  He is a avid hunter and just was written about in a magazine back home since his whole family deer hunts by tradition.
I also spent some time tidying up the quilting studio and organizing things too. 
I updated my machines, WIPS and Quiltville Parade Page Posts too if you want to check them out!