Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fourth Annual Quiltville Mystery Kickoff Party--En Provence!

 Kathy and I hosted the fourth annual Quiltville Mystery Kickoff Party last Friday to celebrate the start of Bonnie Hunter's En Provence Mystery!  This is something we look forward to every year.  We invite anyone and everyone who is into Quiltville.  Every year we make a few new friends and get to know others more.  This year our newbie attendees were Susan, Heather, Jill, Fran and Evelyn I believe. 
 We always order a cake and this year I tasted it--delicious.  We send home the leftovers so that is all I get!
Kathy, Marguerite, Laura, BJ, Barb, Kathy, Celeste, Jill, Heather, Susan, Evelyn, Jen, Ann, Bonnie, Terri, Fran and me (Andee)
 We take pictures after lunch.  This year we did not have a handy hubby to take pictures so after we did some missing me or missing Kathy we decided to do a selfie shot so we could get everyone in!  Later on Becky stopped by but she was not in the pictures.  We had a nice turnout this year despite the fact that a few of our regulars were out of town and unable to be there. 

 Nine of us brought completed Allietare's to show off. Another gal had hers done but had already gifted it--Celeste I think.  I know a few of those who could not attend also had them done (Ros and ???)...not bad ladies!
 Of course I had to show off my copper mug/ocean inspired Allietare!  This is my first scallop and I LOVE the look of it.

Ann was in charge of organizing donations and drawings  for door prizes this year.  It was really fun to draw a person or two every hour.  We had about eight winners and we got rid of a few kits, books and rulers that we did not need in the process.  I did not win, but Kathy did so she is sharing her kit with me.  WHOOT.  THANK YOU ANN!  I made paint chip party favor Christmas ornaments.  All the mystery colors on one chip. 

Kathy, Kathy, Marguerite, Andee (me), Laura, Barb, Evelyn, Bonnie and Fran

 Kelli could not make it, but we did duck lips in her honor as it is now a tradition!  So proud of all the gals that get this mystery done in time for our party.  I think it comes off the back burner and gets done for some folks at the last minute, but hey it gets it done! 
 Ros also could not make it and she usually helps share the cost and the hard work of making the labels.  She was willing to do them for us and we could mail them but Barb offered to teach me on her Canon printer.  SO EASY!  I learned something new, everyone got a label (and I have a few leftover if a few of my regulars who were there in spirit want one) and I bought myself a new printer so now I can make them for every quilt I do if I like.  So this was party favor number two.  THANKS BARB!
Five years ago Kathy, Kathy, Becky, Barb and I got together on black Friday to sew at Kathy's house.  We gabbed of our love of Bonnie as we all started the Easy Street Mystery (Becky just bought her border fabric to finish that one up yesterday!)  It was that small group sewing day that led to our actually throwing the first Quiltville Mystery Kickoff Party the following year.  We kicked off Celtic Solstice at a fun shop Jan owned.  Later the shop closed and Jan and hubby moved to Minnesota.  We had our party in the community room of our police station for the next two years.  This year due to a last minute conflict (and a long story) we wound up at the police substation.  When we arrived it was locked with a note it was closed due to the holiday (despite our last minute reservation--thanks Barb).  After ten crazy minutes the police chief said we could use the room anyway but we had to figure out letting people in the locked door.  THANKS to Dr. KATHY for volunteering to put her text number on the door and for running out every time someone needed to come in! 
Our group has grown every year and we now have forty two people who want to be invited each year!  Of course because it is right at the Thanksgiving Holiday not everyone can always make it, but the group keeps growing.  I guess when we have too many for our room there will need to be two locations, lol.  I love these ladies and enjoy meeting new friends and seeing everyone's fabrics and completed quilts.  A big shout out and thank you to the generous Bonnie Hunter for doing this for us every year!

 Kathy insisted we do a cutters up picture for Bonnie too!  I did not get pictures of anyone's four patches and barely put three together myself.  I do have lots of twosies.  I spent most of my time enjoying the people and plan to sew like a made woman this afternoon so I don't feel behind!
So here are the parades from the past three years (we did not do a parade the first year) and I look forward to clue two and the next parade!
Thank you to everyone who attended, who brought food and donation prizes and especially to those who helped with set up or clean up.  It really makes it a great day for all of us.  Fellow Quiltvillians, you are all dear to my heart!
**Edit** Well I managed to get clue one done today.  It has been a whirlwind of a weekend and quilting did not get the priority I wanted it to, but I got it done!  I spent some time learning how to spin the seams for the first time and I finally get it!  That Bonnie teaches me at least one new thing each mystery!  I almost think I enjoyed slowing down and spinning the seams, almost. 
I am looking forward to linking up with Quiltville in the morning before work!  If you are new to my blog and are interested in seeing my Quiltville obsession please check out my Quiltville Parade! I have made every mystery and plenty more. 


Terri said...

I had so much fun, and love that I make new friends each year.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Thanks for sharing this year's Quiltville Mystery Kick-off Party! Looks like TONS of fun (in spite of the stated complications.) Jealous that I don't live near enough to participate!!

Vireya said...

I think the parade of finished quilts each year is maybe the best part! So fantastic to see them all with their proud makers.

I had to laugh about someone just buying their Easy Street border fabric. I sewed the borders on my Easy Street in August this year. And I do have Celtic Solstice basted. I think 2017 better be the year of mystery finishes for me!

Well done on another inspiring kick-off party. I do wish I could join you, but this year I have two friends who are participating in the mystery, so that's a start!

sao said...

I loved reading about all of the fun! The paint chip favors are adorable and so creative and - YOU ALL GOT LABELS. What a bunch of great memories you all made! Thanks for sharing the photos!

sao in Midlothian

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

That is just SO cool!! I am so happy to see all those smiling faces - and of course - yours!!! You are too cute!! Happy Stitching!!

Quilter Kathy said...

Looks like sooo much fun and I am jealous of you every year!

Frances Meredith said...

I wish I was there!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Oh me too! Would love to join you Gals.
Your 4 patches are lovely.

Shirley said...

I enjoyed reading your story. So far there are 4 making the mystery in my group. Hopeful for more as it is so fun and do not want them to miss out.

Monica said...

Looks fabulous! Those Allietares look amazing en masse. I think that would be quite motivating. And your white squares are very pretty too! Fun post as always, Andee.

Unknown said...

Angela your quilts are all beautiful. I agree Talkin Turkey is a favorite of mine also. This year is my first mystery quilt. I am excited to learn from Bonnie. I have never done a quilt with this many pieces. I am hoping to make the Talkin Turkey some day. Seeing all your Bonnie mystary quilts is very inspiring. I also live in Chandler!!! Happy Holidays!

helen said...

You are great, Ladies!! I wish you much fun with this year's mystery of Bonnie Hunter!!
Andee, I love the colors of your Allietare-quilt; if I hadn't already cut my pieces when I have seen the picture of yours, I would have made it in the same shades, love them!!
Best wishes!

Ramona said...

You gals look like you are having way too much fun! How exciting that you share these mystery experiences. Your quilts look great!

Barbara said...

Looks like so much fun! Wish I lived near you so I could join in. What printer did you get? Mine just went belly up so I need a new one.

Barbara at Stash Overflow

TheEclecticAbuela said...

Great tradition!

Unknown said...

Wish I lived close enough to join in. Look like you all have a wonderful time.

Kevin the Quilter said...

I am so gonna join you all for this one day! It is so cool to have that many Bonniacs around!

Carole said...

Hi Andee, I met you last year at San Manuel.
Are you selling the labels? I would love to buy one. There are at least 4 of us in my quilt group in Sun City doing the mystery.
Bonnie is the best !
Carole on the other side of the valley.

Unknown said...

Hi Andee. I live in El Mirage, just across the valley, and I love Bonnie. There are a handful of us here who are doing the mystery. I read Bonnie's blog every day and it sounds like she will be in Chandler soon. Is that something you are involved in and is there a possibility of being included? Hope so.

DobrĂ½ kousky said...

Amazing :)

Stlkeeler said...

I just love your Bonnie's blue Allietare quilt! I wanted a blue quilt but I got orange! What colors is she using this year?

Dyann said...

Hi Andee, I LOVE Bonnie too!!! Whats not to love right? I live in Gilbert and would love to see Bonnie in January when she comes to see your group.....what are the chances that I could come and join in? I have been thinking about joining a group but don't know how to find one that is a good fit. I love scrap quilts and pretty much all things stitching and just found Bonnie earlier this year, I have been sewing and quilting for most of my life and would love to have someone to share my passion with. Please respond :)

Dyann said...

Dyann Cox, I forgot to leave you this information. I look forward to your response, Thank you :)

Kirsten said...

I would love to purchase a label if possible. I cannot attend your group this year but would love to plan a visit soon!!!
Thanks to you and to Bonnie!!!