Friday, October 31, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler Update!

I have stayed caught up with the RSC all year long but with quilt camp and all the crazy busy times lately I got behind!  Behind to me is more than about two blocks, hahah.  So I spent some time today before and after work catching up!  Here are all the blocks up to light blue which is the last color for November.  
 Clay's Choice
Sarah's Choice
 Kentucky Crossroads
 Road to Tennessee
 Wonky Courthouse Steps
 Contrary Wife
 Diagonal Strings

All caught up to light blue!  I will be linking up with Angela at SoScrappy tomorrow!  Click HERE to see what other rainbow scrap folks are up to!

 Mac's barn bats pillow is done, backed in hello kitty Halloween fabric (from my JoAnn's gift card won at quilt camp!).  Hope he loves it!

Packer Quilts are Quilted!

Ros is done quilting the Packer quilts.  Cannot wait to give them to Ben and Colton this Christmas!  She embroidered labels on them too.  Colton's has the cowgirl backing fabric since his Mom is horse nuts!  My brother and his wife recently split up so now both his boys go to their moms' place half the week and his place the other half the week. 

Ros used this pantograph of footballs and football helmets on the quilts.  How fun is that!

Now to get the binding made so I can wrap them up and have them off my to do list!

NewFo for October!

 I have a true NewFo this month!  I only made it this far on my Herringbone Quilt from Maureen Cracknell Handmade's Blog.  I was loving it, but then with quilt camp prep, and trying to catch up on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks and my Tula Pink City Sampler blocks, well this remains a UFO!  I am hoping to get a few more panels done this weekend! 
Here is everyone with their NewFo!  LOL have only seen one completed Herringbone tablerunner out of this groups so far!  Linking up with Cat Patches!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More Fall Quilt Camp 2014

Each time at Quilt Camp, we have a small quilt auction.  Here are some of the things folks brought.  My Lil Twister quilt's winning bid was 25 bucks.  Kathy's wood "I heart quilts" sign got 23 bucks if I remember right.  I did not win any of the bids, thought I really wanted the butterfly watercolor in Packer colors made by Suzie.
Isn't it pretty?  She brought a few for Becky too--she did a great job on them!
My roommate was Terri!  This is her with her quilt for her turned out great! 
I loved these two quilts and I cannot remember who made them...I was thinking Gudrun, but now I am not sure that is her behind the quilts! 
This one is Gudren!  She made these cute turkeys!  Love the tablerunner!
This is Kathy--she made a few dogs
Here is Laura with this beauty.  This was a class awhile back that the group did and she was very happy to get this one off her list!  It looks paper peiced but it isn't!
This is Stephanie.  I LOVE love LOVE this little quilt!   I am going to borrow her pattern...this is paper pieced.  I love the border..looks like ribbons twisting.  So pretty!  And tiny, I love tiny this year!
My sweet neighbor Susie did not even bring a machine.  She hand peiced these beauties all weekend long!  She made the design up herself and it is gorgeous!  She just stitched away and listened to me jabber.  I hope I didn't make her nuts!  She was one of the new friends I made (along with Stephanie and Laura and Terri!).
This is Bonnie (she loved my Bonnie's # 1 Fan shirt!) and this is her very first quilt!  She came along to give us chair massages and facials...and learned how to sew in the process!  What fun!   She wore it like a cape all around the room doing a lap of victory!
Here I am with Terri and Laura.  These ladies are so much fun!  It was nice to have folks to hang with since Becky had her best friend Suzy come down and I wanted to let them have some time together.  It all worked out!  I laughed alot and really felt like a part of the group this time around. 

Choose Your Own Blockalong Update

This morning I caught up on my Choose your own blockalong blocks.  I did not have time to prep them to go to camp with me and was too tired to cut and sew Sunday night.  So here is block 19.  I used my new pink fabric (Denyse Schmidt) that I got with a JoAnn's gift card which was part of my exchange gift!  

I also got this lovely coffee mug and handmade mug rug.  I chose Bev's bag and honestly think I got the best one!  With the gift card I got a total of four yards of fabric!  I chose four yards that were all 50-60 percent off and I had a 10 percent off discount for being a guild member.  Oh, happy day!  Three of the fabrics were Denyse Schmidt and one was Halloween Hello Kitty. Thanks Bev!  Muriel got my bag.

 Back to the choose your own blockalong, here is block 20.  I just happened to have the same fabric as the original so there ya go. 
 You may remember I did block 21 two weeks ago, nice easy one, so here it is.
 Now I am ahead for this weekend!  Here are the first 21 blocks!  Linking up with Live a Colorful Life!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jo's Quiltville UFO and Cathy's Leaders and Enders Link-Up!

 I decided to finish up my leaders and lozenges for Jo's Country Junctions' Quiltville UFO Link-up.  Here it is growing.  I started out sewing rows of 15 and it wasn't until I got to the second picture point that I realized I should have been sewing fifteen in the other direction!  So I had to put them together the long way so I wouldn't have the world's longest, narrow quilt!

 I am super happy with how it came out--I tried to be really random since I didn't have a design wall to use and had all my colors stacked and pinned by color and alternating black and white corners.  While I was making the lozenges I was concerned I would wind up with too many black corners or white corners so that is why I did it that way.  What I learned is that I should have pinned 10 black corners then 10 white corners...much easier to sort to randomize the colors!  Live and learn.  It really was fun and everyone at quilt camp thought it looked great.
Linking up with Jo's Country Junction!  I might try to finish up the other little Quiltville quilt I started at camp so I can link up next week too!
I am also linking up with Cathy over at A Quilting Chick for her first Leaders and Enders link up!  I am looking for new leader/ender ideas so I will be checking back on her blog to see what others are doing.  I always just follow along with Bonnie but I actually got ahead of her (imagine that) so I may have some time to do one of my own choosing before she announces the next one!  If you want to know more about Leaders and Enders, or want the free pattern for lozenges check out Quiltville!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall Quilt Camp 2014

 I had a GREAT time at Quilt Camp this year!  I haven't gone since 2010 and it was so nice to see some of the ladies and meet some new ones.  My first finish was Bonnie Hunter's Mini--Nines Surrounded.  I used leftover nine patches from Carolina Crossroads and from the Puddle Jump Mystery.  I came up one short so I made a nine patch at camp, finished up the flimsy and then promptly found the missing block!  It never fails.  My new friend Terri helped me decide on the border and she made the right choice!  I love it!
 I also made a few Arizona flags by paper piecing.  I have had these for two years and finally got around to sewing them, what fun!
 I also made my Wild and Goosey block so I could check in on Quiltville's Open Studio and keep up my one (or more) block per week.
 And the quilt that took me almost of two whole days to sew together is my Lozenges Leaders and Enders quilt!  We won't talk about the challenges I had with the way I pinned my lozenges as I took them off the wall each month (future self--pin by blacks and whites so you can stack them up and sew randomly instead of sewing two whites together, etc.  I managed to unsew a few times).  Here is is hanging out for our show and tell.  This is my absolute favorite part of camp.  We have a bell that we ring when we finish something so everyone can see each finish, but if you are in the bathroom or out for a hike, etc. you miss finishes!

Becky and Bev were both working on their Celtic Solstice tops but since they are still in the step phase they didn't hang them out. Here are Bev's first blocks.  This quilt is always a stunner.  Becky is doing hers in civil war prints and I cannot wait to see it come together!

We got to pick out name tags and Terri and both liked the same one but eventually I settled on this one, and she got "princess."  There was a "tom cat" there I really wanted to snag for Kathy too!
 I also was able to eat right and stay on plan for the weekend (I turned down spaghetti, Texas sheet cake, orange cake, cookies, cornbread, etc.)  The food I did eat was great and I even went hiking several times.  This is me, Becky and Kathy on Friday.  They wore me out!  I was really happy to come home and do the elliptical and bike which I SO much easier on my knees!

More to come on Quilt Camp later, I am going to sleep like the dead tonight, camp is not super conducive to good sleep and since I stayed up til almost four AM and was up at eight AM today, I need to go to bed early!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Antique Quilt Show at Nimble Thimbles

 Shirley showed us her antique quilts at Tuesday night's Nimble Thimbles meeting.  Her quilts were true beauties.

 This close up is from the above quilt and has swastika fabric in from back in the day when it was a good luck symbol.
 Love the one cheddar block in the center!

 Really cool border on this one and Shirley liked how it isn't all matchy matchy at the corners.

 Close up on the above quilt--I love that red fabric!

 It was nice to go back to Nimble Thimbles...I rejoined and this is the group I go to quilt camp with tomorrow morning!  I have the car all packed and am ready to go!

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