Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Stitch or Two

 We had quite a turtle  um tortoise adventure yesterday.  We were on the way out to drop off my car for an oil change before Weight Watchers (yes still at it, up a few pounds overall but still down over 110) when I spotted this guy in our yard.  Kathy had already left and we were running late so I called her and after dropping the car came home to throw this dude in a box with some water and food.  We posted his picture on a local site which finally led to him finding a foster home while the owners find him.  The gal that took him thought he was hers and just as she got to our house hers was found at home.
Later we were near Fry's when Kathy found someone's credit cards and driver's license.  We drove it to the address, no one was home and the neighbor said they had moved.  We drove it to the PD and dropped it all off there.  So much for a chill day.  Out karma better rock!

I sewed for a short bit today since my life is all about teaching high school right now.  I have been SO busy planning four preps (while teaching six classes a day with no prep hour) and even though I have tons of stuff to tap into it is still alot of stuff at start up and changing from college to high school and the different times for the classes at each.  Anyways, the first week with kids went well.  Better than I remember from my last time around teaching high school!
So here is my 35th Ave. BOM.  Happy to have it ready for next weekend.  It is the first I have sewn in July at all I think...or at least since I found out about this job.  I also cut out the stuff for Pat Sloan's BOM.  No time to sew any of it and of course this month is a doozy...all the rows in between instead of just one block. UGH.
 I still have the Rainbow Scrap Challenge BOM to cut and sew two of.  Not sure it will be happening before the new color comes out.  ACK!  I have two weeks off in October so I may be catching up then!  The good news is the number pulled for the UFO Challenge I am doing is one I accidentally already made!  YAY.  So that is caught up.
Bonnie's pumpkin pattern came out in hers with the grey.  I made mine last year and like it too!

A Whole Lot of News!

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