Friday, January 15, 2021

Grassy Creek Clue F Musings

Grassy Creek's clue five was a doozy for me.  Strings seem to take forever and get kind of boring for me after awhile.  I made a few a few different ways and they were not looking too pretty!  I discovered that I could cut off the tops (since I cut triangles to add on and not squares) with my Essential Triangle Tool.  
Then after sewing the corners on in white I could use the little Quilt in a Day ruler to trim them to look nice...some needed some sliver cutting.  I also realized I really did need to use the scant quarter inch to get them to come out right.
They are all made as of five minutes ago...this picture was from before that but they are looking decent.
I laid out a bunch of stuff to see what my colors would look like.  My blues in this first picture are really light.  I turned those tricky triangles around to see if I preferred it that way.  I do not think I do, though you can see the edges better so...
I tried laying one out with a slightly darker light blue.  I am thinking it will be okay.  I do not think my colors pop enough but they are pretty.
I went ahead and put one inside Ohio star together to see how it on to the reveal clue.  Plenty left to go!


Sunday, January 10, 2021

Mystery Progress Continues--and rejoining the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

Stopped in to see Hazel last week.  She loves her tummy time!  Learned how to play Sylvion and it is my new favorite solo game!  
Grassy Creek's reveal came out....paused from it and....Sewed up the clue for Morewood Mystery, looks like candy.  Next clue in a month so it will be waiting.  
Today I sewed online with Dr. Kathy, Becky, and Barb...had some issues with the Pine Tree Point Quiltville quilt....I decided to make one block a month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge since I have missed doing it the past few years.  
Lots of ripping...I learned to start from the trunk and sew upward for best results, and to put in my floating strip before the aqua!  Also should keep to more pink reading fabrics and not those with too much background!  Linking up with the RAINBOW SCRAP CHALLENGE!
Also cut and trimmed all of my clue five Grassy Creeks...the strips you see are all leftover that I cut to a smaller size.  They will find their way into something.  The HUGE roll is yet to be cut up and corners added before I can go on to the reveal clue (which has about five clues in it if you ask me!).  


Tuesday, January 5, 2021

New Year's Mysteries

New Year's Eve I started working on the Party Poppers Mystery Quilt from the Facebook Mystery Quilts Anonymous group. Debi is the designer and she lives in New Zealand so she started on her New Year's Day which meant I got to start on New Year's Eve.  Unfortunately , by the third clue I was ready for bed!  

On New Year's Day I sewed up some of clue three (there were glitches and delays with my next mystery) but finished up clue three on Sunday.  Today I finally put the blocks into a top.
All the completed stacks of blocks.

Party Poppers!  I love the movement in this top.  I should add a border of some sort to bring out the birds better but for now, it is done.

On New Year's Day I started working on the Merry Mayhem Medallion Mystery quilt.  

Spent the entire day sewing with Barb and Becky who were also working on it.  Was a super fun marathon on sewing online.  

 Next up is back to working on Grassy Creek clue five.   I have cut the corners for it and dug out the light blue strings (I am using those instead of grey) and today the paper arrived.  I discovered that I did not have a phone book of the right size!  Thursday another clue comes out for the Morewood Mystery too (and I have bloodwork and two medical tests in the morning) so I am down to two mysteries, whew!

A Little Bit of This and a Lotta Snow!

Barb and I got our A Quilting Life BOM made right away this month.   Bekcy completed her "Ruby" Jubilee!  LOVE IT! I just got the ...