Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quickie Post

 Ros is done quilting my cousin's quilt!
 And JoAnn is done quilting my aunt Jenny's quilt!
 And our twister Christmas quilt too.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Diamond Carat in Green

I spent several hours cutting and gluing the pieces for my green diamond carat block for PHXMQG's Skillbuilder BOM (patterns on Pile O' Fabric) and then I sewed up the fingers are done and it is far from perfect, but it saw progress!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Migraine Monday :)

 Stayed home from work with another migraine yesterday.  Took a triptan and pretty much hung out in bed sleeping on and off all day.  Finally at about six PM I felt better and sewed up two more scrappy bargello blocks (the blue green ones above) and laid them out with the others to see how it is growing. No plans for this quilt--not even for sure these will all wind up in the same quilt, but the pile is growing.
Kathy is working on unsewing a unit and fixing them so she can get this block part together.  I only sewed about an hour and then went back to bed and started sewing on my purple sock.
 It is the same lace pattern that I am working on with Becky.  I just thought I would get going on an actual pair.  Before long I will have three different socks that don't match!  HA!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Today my mom, dad, sister and her son, brother and his wife and newborn son came to my house for mother's day brunch!  They don't make it here much so it was really nice to have them.  We made Grandma Char's Egg Brunch and passed around Colton.  I had a bit of a migraine so in the afternoon I took an actual nap (that is RARE!) and then got up and sewed for several hours.  Kathy made her blue block and then started working on Twist of Fate again.

 I finished sewing up Lazy Sunday's second clue!  These colors just make me so happy.  If you aren't making this mystery it is in Quiltmaker and is so much fun!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I've Got the Blues :(

 I have the blues over this Talkin' Turkey block...ummm, got so excited putting it together I didn't follow Bonnie's pattern on the nine patch!  My colors are in the wrong place...GRR!  So guess I will either live with it or make another.  Time will tell.  That was all the sewing I got done today.  I did a volunteer interpreting gig this morning and was tuckered out after that.  Sewed this block and  then cleaned and cooked Egg Brunch (Grandma Char's recipe) which sits overnight and bakes in the morning.  I am so excited my mom, dad, sister, nephew, brother, sister in law are coming HERE.  In almost five years that I have been here they have only been here like three times.  We always get together up north, but I thought since my folks just moved and brother and his wife just adopted a baby we should do it at my house.  It is my mother's day gift to them...well that and african violets and handmade lotion too!
 Finally buried the ends on three dishcloths..whoot whoot!
Also laid out the Jack in the Box blocks to see how things are looking...not bad!  Hooking up with Angela's Rainbow BOM!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Blues and Some Woodworking

More blue spools!
 I watched Bonnie on QuiltCam last night and sewed up some more blue spools.  I am getting close to getting all those blues done!  I have not been trimming these up as I should be as I go and I know I will be wishing I did soon  Bonnie mentioned she thinks she has about 500 spools done.  Apparently her motto is GO BIG OR GO HOME!  I haven't counted but am sure I have less than 200...if I had to guess I would say 125.  Maybe I will count them soon.  I am happy they are seeing progress each month thanks to Angela's Rainbow BOM challenge, but 500..that Bonnie is AMAZING, seriously, like wow!
 In other news, Kathy is replicating the Adirondack chairs and table that my parents gave us a few years ago.  Ours were falling apart from the Arizona sun.  This is my table and this is Becky's second chair (she already picked up her table and another chair) my chairs are in progress too.  Coleman has been helping Kathy with the sanding and putting together of this stuff.  He is spending less time on his computer and more time doing this stuff which is great, but soon it will be TOO hot to be outside doing anything.  
Speaking of tables, after almost five years of being here we finally found some end tables in the mission style to match our entertainment center table.  So excited to have an all matching living room--finally!  Not sure why we didn't get to that sooner, but after not finding anything in the stores that really matched or struck me we just picked up cheap modern looking tables at Ikea.  Then funny enough I sort of stopped looking even though I hated those tables.  They will be recycled on to one of the boys--perfect bachelor type furniture!  

Had my final ASL 4 class today--well they did interviews so have a little bit of grading to do and then get final grades in the computer and other semester will be under my belt, whew!  I started taking an online class about teaching in the community college (which is required for teaching at a community college in AZ and is paid for by my college) and have finished three of my nine assignments already.  Brings back memories of homework squeezed in anywhere--my goal is to just do an assignment or two a week which is doable.  I looked ahead and the final assignment is creating my syllabus.  I am way ahead on that one, ha.  Just have to improve upon it based on the advice given in the course and I will be set.  Irony of it all, I am not sure I am actually teaching in the fall!  New health care laws mean changes for how many hours I can work with teaching and interpreting combined (used to be considered separate) so will be crunching numbers and figuring out what the plan is soon.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Wild and Goosey Monday Night :)

 Relaxed in the quilting studio tonight while sewing up another Wild and Goosey block.  This one features a lizard head and some Packer fabric, lol.  Here are all four blocks that I have done so far.  LOVIN IT!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lazy Sunday and a Few Pillows

 I made Ben a birthday pillow out of monster trucks fabric and forgot to take a picture of it.  He was happy with it so that is all that matters.  Little guy turned six today, where does the time go?  Tonight I turned my Skillbuilder BOM into a Packer pillow for a bday or Christmas gift for someone.  I like it much better now, lol.
 I also made the backing for Kai's wedding quilt (Kathy and I stopped at JoAnn's on the way home and bought backing).

I also finally took a look again at Lazy Sunday Mystery (thanks Amy for the motivation!) and realized that my two completed units weren't done!  I cut them all and then sewed them together and ironed them...still more to go on clue two but progress is progress!

And here is the birthday boy in motion!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sweet Saturday Sewing the Blues

 Yesterday Kathy and I went and babysat our new nephew Colton and in between watching him I did a little lace sock knitting.  :)
 Today I had a lot of fun in the sewing room.  (I have been having lots of migraines this week and today's went away around 2 PM and I was happy to sew without a throbbing head!).  I had to paper piece this cute little gnome guy.
 Did my two blue Jack in the Box blocks for Angela's Rainbow BOM with obviously is BLUE this month!  Kathy also did her Scrap Jar Stars in blue.
 I am a titch behind on the Skillbuilder BOM.  I have decided I am only doing the blocks I want and I have no plans to quilt them individually...that takes the pressure off.  So here is the Woven Star from Alyssa's Skillbuilder BOM which was a fun one to make.
 This is the Cheveron Block..I decided to do this one in Packer colors.  It will be turned into a pillow backed in Packer fabric and most likely will be a gift for my sister who has a Packer room :) GO PACK GO!
 I have been watching Centennial on the DVD player and occasionally listening to Great Expectations too.  I love having cable in my quilting studio again so sometimes I watch my TIVO stuff (now I can watch it in any room that has cable..whoot, whoot).
 I have a huge start on my blue spools.  Have more left to go, and weeded out the doubles I had.  I really enjoyed my day of sewing the blues!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April's NewFO Challenge Met!

I managed to start three different projects in April...two of them even reached the flimsy stage!  Whoot whoot, I met the NewFo Challange for April!

 I can't wait to get back to the wild and goosey idea what I will start in May!

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