Friday, March 18, 2022

Ruby, Emerald and Amethyst Jubilee!

I managed to get my Ruby Jubilee part two clue done in the past week or two.  Moth in the Window above and Grandpa's Star below.
Spinning Stars.
Jack in the Box.
All the part two parts.
Stacked up clue one and clue two.
Bonus hst's.
Becky joined late and whipped up clue one followed rapidly by clue two. Love her purples!  
Even Barb beat me on completion (which she is still shocked about) with her Emerald green version.  

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Not Quite Spring Here but some Sunshine Yellow Sewing Going On!

Kathy's cat Singer used to stay out of my quilting studio since she does not care for my kitty Stash....but since we moved they are both ranging the whole house for the most part instead of keeping to their specific areas (that they imposed).  So she is loving laying in my scraps.
I am trying to do a Christmas Through the Year project each month, but did nothing in February so I made five pillowcases (they are folded) though four of them are going for birthday gifts--I am counting it.
I love the way I organized the log cabin blocks so that I can just go to the next piece without thinking too hard.  I still managed to get a few sewn on incorrectly this time.  My brain fog really makes everything seem more difficult.  I just need to remember that each new piece goes over two seams and they it all works out.
These above are Log Cabin Love from Quiltmaker--Bonnie Hunter's addicted to scraps article, and these below from the same but are called Butterfly Bush.  They will go into two doll quilts.  One for my adopted Granddaughter Lily and one to keep at my house.  I decided to give the second H is for Happy doll quilt (which I had wanted to keep at my house) to my best friend's granddaughter Harper who just became a big sister to Briggs.  He will be getting a Chunky Churn Dash baby quilt.
This month's UFO pull was number 3 which is my Packer Bliss.  I had all the parts sewn (but still need to cut sashing and cornerstones) to make a quilt in green but decided I should make all the parts in yellow and make two Packer Bliss quilts (pattern is Bonnie Hunter's Winter Bliss).  So goal is to get one done for the UFO and then down the line get the other one done.  Finally made a dent in the yellow scraps!

 My disability hearing is on Monday.  It has been close to two years since I applied and more than two years before that since I got sick.  Five years ago this month I hiked the Grand Canyon and was in such good health.  A year later reactivated Epstein Barr Virus which led to all of this.  My fatigue is barely livable.  People have this worse than me, but I am not sure how they go on.  It is the biggest challenge of my challenging life.  So hoping I get disability since I am really unable to work.  I can sew for a few hours at a time again and I can read a lot because I am laying down and/or listening at the same time I read or only listening.  I just finished OT and am still in PT where they are trying to get me stronger, but it is slow going because more activity means more sleep and more pain (lactic acid in legs from two minutes on my sitting elliptical type thing).  It is crazy!

Currently reading "War and Peace" and "Jefferson's Sons."

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Much Sewing and Reading but Behind on the Blogging!

Kathy brought me some pretty flowers.  I got the blocks cut for Ruby Jubilee part two.
I spent much of February working on Wild and Goosey blocks so I could add another row to my top.  I love this add a quarter ruler for trimming up after each piece.

I added the row and deemed the top finished--finally.  I think I started this in 2013.  Each block takes an hour or so and it is 9x8 so many blocks, hours, scraps!  This was my American Patchwork and Quilting UFO for February.

I made a few more little trees while I had my scraps out.
I got my yellow Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks cut.  
I am loving my Stripology Squared ruler for cutting these.  The little star markings help to cut my one and a half inch strips so square!

I started my March of the Mammoths read for this month--"War and Peace" and am enjoying it.  Many characters and confusing names, but the plan is to read 44 pages a day to complete it by the end of the month.  I am on track so far!

 These are all of the books I read in February 2022.  I think I have a new record.  I did listen or listen/read to many of them.  This is the upside of so much time in bed or in the recliner.  

I am also working on my March American Patchwork and Quilting UFO which is Packer Bliss.  I had already made enough parts in green for a complete top last year when I decided I should do all the parts in yellow and make two Packer color quilts instead of a green one.  Always lots of people to gift them to.  I am about 70 blocks in on the yellow sixteen patches already so this may actually happen this month--or at least one of them.  I am one ahead on my UFO list, so if I do not finish the second one I will slot in when the finished one is pulled.  

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