Sunday, August 30, 2020

City Sampler UFO in Progress!

We met Hannah and Jeremy at the lake walk area and walked around and took pictures of her and them.  She is due in three weeks, we cannot wait!
Kathy and I played some games last night.  Tried out our new Villainous, which we enjoyed and then played Opale.  That one is a fast favorite of ours.

On Tuesday it is our fifteen year anniversary (give or take a year) so I convinced Kathy to buy me this lovely quilt display from FB marketplace for 80 bucks!  Super happy and now I have more room to store quilts!

Kathy has done a few of her Frolic blocks.  She has a bit to go so that he can join in the next Quiltville mystery, but she is liking how this is coming together.

Kathy (and Barb via facetime) helped me to organize the blocks for City Sampler.  What a  doozy of a time that was.  The picture in the book for the layout does not have numbers on the blocks and many of them look alike.  I did not always use the same colors as the book, etc.  Eventually we had piles of blocks.  One missing!  Turned out to be number 97 and I sewed it today.  A few got mixed up and sewn in but I am leaving 86 and 96 in each other's spot as it will not make a difference to move them.

Here are the first four rows with sashing in between.
After all the rows were together I had to add the long sash (still doing that part) and I was facetiming with BJ.  Luckily I mentioned to her that even with pinning I never get my sashings to line up when they are like this since the seams aren't touching due to the sashing in the middle.  She got some of her blocks and demoed for me something that Ros taught her!  You pin like this with the sashing folded up on the blocks you just sewed it to.
Then you open it up and carefully add the row matching the seams to the pins you already have so that they will align!
I opened it up while pinned so you could see that then it will line up right!  It is a bit fiddly, but wow I think these may be the best I have had line up!

So this is my stopping point for tonight...almost half way done with the rows.  Really tickled with how it is all lining up!  

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Morewood Mystery, Games and Chunky Churn Dashes Galore!

Spent some time these past weeks cutting and sewing four Chunky Churn Dash quilts from Quiltville.  Free pattern if you click on the link.  SUPER fun and fast.  I was not planning on making four baby quilts (though I always seem to be in need of them for gifts) but it was fun since I used my huge bucket of kid fabrics.  I just kept on making sets while gabbing on the video phone with BJ and sometimes Andrea too.  At least we have technology during Covid to keep up close.  

Kathy made a table to go with my chair out front.  She still needs to make her is in progress.  I love reading out here and have read several books the past few weeks.
Hannah and Jeremy came over Friday (we had to quarantine after mom and dad left) since we knew we were going to see Jay Saturday and would have to quarantine again.  We are not taking any chances with the baby coming in less than a month!  So we played Horrified twice and finally won the second time!

Saturday at Jay's we took him to get new glasses and helped set up the futon we delivered (gifted since his sister no longer had room for it setting up for baby) and played Catan.  He won of course, but I feel like we held our own...only played it a few times.  

I started the Morewood Mystery too. Picked out my fabrics from my stash...chose a few I am not so nuts about but need to get them moving off my shelf!  This mystery gives a clue once a month (which is a little slow for me) but thought it would be something nice to look forward to.  She offters a sneak peak (she will email it) but you cannot post it so that those who do not want to see won't see it.  I have never done a mystery like that but of course I had to look!  

Mystery is all cut and waiting for the sewing instructions!
Dr. Scrappy Kathy finished her Jelly Snowflake and added an outer border to it.
Barb finished hers and added a star in the center which really makes her red pop.
Kathy and I sent one of the eye spy quilts to the family that bought our house.  They flipped it and did a great job.  His wife was pregnant with baby number arrived and their middle son claimed it before baby was born!  They sent us a nice thank you and this picture.  :) Makes our hearts happy!

I saw that on Temecula Quilt Company blog she put some little quilts in a wine rack for display.  Since i have yet to replenish my wine supply I decided to try it out.  Kind of cute!

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Our New Home and Table Toppers

I thought I would share our new house since I skipped over that when I first started blogging again!  I finally hung up the cool metal quilt blocks my cousin gave me a few years ago.  They are hanging in the entry area right outside my quilting room.

I got rid of the weeds and planted three rose bushes in front of our house.  They are doing well.  I have never planted or cared for roses so I am excited about this!
Here is our bedroom with Frolic on the bed and Picnic on the wall for now.  Lots of mermaids and beach stuff.  I love that our bed is between the windows (we had to leave our headboard behind and I have not found a new one I like yet to replace it) and I can listen to the rain and see what is going on.

Again the sewing room.  I spend as much time as I can right here!  Kathy got a new office chair so her sewing chair is back in here and the wooden chair has found its way to the living room.
The view from my chair in the sewing room.
The living room (really the dining room but we changed it up!).  I ordered a new recliner for me but it has not come yet so we do not spend too much time in here yet.
The view from the living room facing the sewing room/front door.
The kitchen is huge.  We put our huge kitchen table in there and it works for the two of us and we can pull the table out to play games when the kids come over.  I bought the checked drapes after deciding I did not have any fabric that I wanted to use and really did not want to make FOUR sets of valances.  My old kitchen valance matched the bathroom so since there was only one, it found its way there.
We bought the special dish rack because I really wanted to not have a drainer on the cupboard.  No directions to put it together so that was fun, but we love it.
Singer kitty is on the freezer (which also fits in the kitchen!).

Sunshine is modeling the second tulip quilt.  I love this so much and am undecided if I should keep it or mail it off to a friend of mine.

I also quilted all three of these table toppers that have been piled up and waiting awhile.  They are all in the gift pile.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Birthdays and Chunky Churn Dashes

 My birthday was last Thursday and I had a really nice day!  Kathy got me the Once Upon a Book Club selection and I saved it to read that afternoon.  If you have never seen this before, you get a book and several gifts to open on certain pages of the book.  The gifts relate to the story.  (If you get this and have not read August's yet, do not scroll down as I do post a picture of what the gifts were--do not want to spoil it for anyone!).  I loved this so much I ordered another one --the classic David Copperfield which I have never read.
 I decided to settle in on a quilt in the backyard with my ice coffee and start reading.  The dogs loved it! Here are the gifts I got.  The book was good "The Last Piece" by Imogen Clark.  Not one I would have picked out on my own, but a nice escape and well developed characters--so much so that when it was over I still wanted to know what happened in the lives of the daughters!

 I have also been sewing and made two Chunky Churn Dash baby quilt tops so far.

Bug is modeling with the quilt
 Kathy also made me a chair for my birthday (we had a pair and a table in AZ and sold them since we knew she could make another set).
 I read in it a bit today and then we painted it Packer green.  Will need some touch up tomorrow.  Kathy will make a second one and a table we will paint yellow too.
 My Mom and Dad stopped by and camped near Milwaukee for four days so we could see them.  We went to their campground twice and played lots of Play Nine.  They came here and toured Hannah and Jeremy's house and hung out here far from the kids since they have been with lots of family in Chippewa and the kids are really protecting my grandbaby--just in case.  Hannah is about 34 weeks along in this is getting close!
It was nice to have some time with my parents who are now heading back to Arizona early to be with my sister.  Mom hopes to come back when the baby comes, but with Covid and her health I am not sure it will happen.  Mom and Dad gave me a pretty crystal angel for my window and some cash--which was partly spent on the David Copperfield book.  Seriously I was spoiled this birthday and I got to spend it with my parents and Kathy.  Super special since we now live so far apart.

Dr. Scrappy Kathy completed her Jelly Snowflake quilt and it looks great!  The blues were a good color choice for this.  Love it!