Monday, August 10, 2009

Puss in the Corner and a Sneak Peak at Holiday Lights

One of the Holiday Lights blocks laid out on my design chance I get I plan to sew these babies together. I need twelve of these and twenty of another block which requires more cutting and the buying more red on red fabric.
Quilt History group's Puss in the Corner block was super easy to sew together. It was nice to get an easy one after the challenges of the past few months! At least I sewed a little bit today. I also have all the pictures gathered to scan tomorrow for my dad. Wrote out my thank you list and talked to him today about his plans...they are already looking into hospice. I will be going to see him on the sister too.


Jane said...

It is sometimes nice to have something simple to work on. It looks very effective though. Enjoy the time you have with your dad

Ruthie said...

Yikes...don't sew those Christmas Lights together like you have it laid out. The corners of the blacks should meet. Not that I've sewn mine together, but I'm about ready to.