Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Project Quilting Mystery Quiltalong!

Here are my fabric pulls for the Project Quilting Mystery Quiltalong though they are not in order for some reason...
I did all the clues yesterday (each was posted one at a time each day but I was catching up on Grassy Creek and then the errors from the New Year's Eve mystery (she forgot a page of cutting) and then the next Grassy Creek clue came out.  Today the last clue before tomorrow's layout came out.
I made chili today and ate some out of my gnome cup, perfect day for it!
We were supposed to post our ideas on the layout and the best WRONG layout gets a prize.  My two pink fabrics were really too close together so it changes the look a lot.  Likely to be a donation quilt so that is okay!
We got out first dump of snow last night.  Kathy shoveled along with Jon from upstairs.  Early this AM Marcel from upstairs snow blowed as we were covered again.  I did both sets of stairs and Kathy did some around the car and in the back yard,  The dogs are not liking their first time in snow one bit!


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