Thursday, December 3, 2020

Mysteries and More Mysteries

These are my fabric choices for Grassy Creek along with the cards I am using them for of Bonnie's.  So where she has orange I have dark blue, etc.  I went with what I have though I LOVE her colors this year.  

Clue one is all ready except I should trim the dog ears off tonight.  Next clue comes out tomorrow already!  I love this time of year as I have so much to sew and have a high motivation to do it.  With my fatigue it is nice to feel PULLED out of bed even for awhile.  

I made some hand warmers for Coleman and his crew for stocking stuffers.  Really on a budget this year with me barely working.

Used my leftover churn dash block to make a tiny pincushion too.  I put it out with my handwork in the living room.  I am enjoying sitting in my new lazy boy rocker and stitching on my hexies.

I realized I posted about the same Halloween box twice...there were two different boxes and I though I was telling you about each of them but nope..the same one twice.  Anyway this was the next one "The Midnight Library" and I had already listened to it but liked it so much I went ahead and reread it.  I discovered that while "listening" I miss A LOT!  I do too much other stuff while listening (right now I have on an audiobook while typing this for example!) so I was glad I reread it.  Had only been a few weeks too so not like memory faded.  Good book and great gifts.  I really should not splurge on these boxes (though we are reselling some of them) but I need all the good mail days I can get right now.  That is the highlight of my day.  Covid is getting to all of us!
I got to see Hazel three times this past week and I enjoyed every minute.  I am happy if she is sleeping in my arms or smiling at me!  She rolled over already (at 8 weeks!) and has now found her hands and can bat at the toys over her head purposefully.  Brilliant, of course, lol!
For Thanksgiving the kids stayed home so since they are our circle we went to their place.  Hannah is a vegetarian and Jeremy is a trained chef (works in IT now but loves to cook) so he wanted to cook dinner.  We cooked a turkey at home Tuesday and spent Thursday morning making pasties with the turkey, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and a little stuffing.  That way would would have our wine gravy to bring over and lots to freeze to eat with our pasties.  We also brought canned cranberries (I am the only one that eats them) and pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie. Hazel slept though all but the end of dinner!

Kathy and I took a road trip about thirty minutes away to get this Seven Wonders Duel game used at less than half the price of retail.  Met a nice gamer guy and I tried the game out before she packed it up for Christmas!
In between clues I kept busy by sewing more string blocks for Geese on a String.  I have quite a few made now!

I also made a little twister.  Have not done one in awhile and usually Kathy helps me (she was working on Frolic) so I had to cut my twist squares and keep them organized one by one but I did it.

This face!  She is looking at a book on her changing table here!

I also made some more capes.  Sent two to Norway for the honorary grandsons and one for Saxxon the step great grandson in Ohio.  Hopefully they will all love them.

 Today I am sewing the next clue for the Morewood Mystery.  I cut all the clues for Merry Meyham's New Year's Day mystery the other day and another day did for the FB group's New Year's Eve mystery so I currently have four mysteries in progress.  I do love mysteries and think it gives me an extra motivation to get on it before the next clue comes out!


Angie said...

Sounds like you have some good distractions to keep you going! Looking forward to seeing your colors for Bonnie's latest mystery.

Moneik said...

This has been a fun one to work on. You're keeping busy with lots of other sewing as we wait for clues. I have about half of clue 2 cut out.