Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Christmas with the Youngest and Mystery Quilts are Caught Up!

Two blog posts in one day since I cannot figure out how to schedule this one like I used to!
We went and saw Jay the day after Christmas.  He liked his gifts and his stocking.  While we were there we had pizza and played "The Game," "Blokus," (which he gifted us) and "Five Crowns," which is a long time favorite game.
My Once Upon a Time advent box came super late on Christmas Eve.  Read two stories a day and opened my gifts.  We got four books in the box!  Really fun stuff.
Here is clue five of Grassy Creek!  This clue was much easier than three and four!  Happy to be caught up again.

Spent some time a few mornings ago learning how to play Coffee Trader.  Love this fun game!  I need to get it out again so I can cement it in my brain!  Basically you are trying to brew the perfect cup of coffee!
I also created my 2021 UFO quilting list.  Only the starred ones are actual ufo's...unless you count the tops I need to quilt.  I have three of them here right now.  I enjoy doing this challenge though so added enough in to participate!


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Moneik said...

I love doing the UFO challenge, but I have to have 2 lists. The first has my started quilts, the second a list of bags I've started. Hopefully, I can make some headway on them this year.