Thursday, December 24, 2020

Geese on a String and Holiday Happenings!

Geese on a String progress happened between Grassy Creek Clues.
Bug had to pose with the first few rows.

And the flimsy is complete.

My November book box finally arrived and I read it right away.  Still waiting on December and sadly, the advent box too.  

Gudrun Erla did a video on December 15th for these Woven Heart ornaments, which remind me of Norway so I bought the supplies and had to make a few.  This year only the kids and my Goddaughter will get one, next year maybe more folks.  They are fun to make!

I am still working on Clue four of Grassy Creek.  Here is a whole pile waiting on I have only ten sets to go on the last part of the sewing...then trimming.  Whoot, whoot.

My best friend Monica sent me Christmas gifts from this year and last year and a home warming gift.  Pretty exciting mail day!  I still have her last year gift too.  Hoping to see her in the Spring...she is four hours away now!

Participating in the 12 Days of Christmas Solo gaming challenge.  Super fun and has forced me to watch some videos and learn some new games...I have the games but did not know the solo or I did the print in play (Free) and learned to play that too.  Here is Sprawlopolis.

Here is Orchard.

Made me Grandma Myrt's Cornflake Cookies and storing them in my Grandma Char's tin.  So many good Christmas memories with them.
Tiny Epic Zombies.  
Fleet the Dice.
My Secret Santa from the filler board games group got me Tiny Towns.  LOVE IT.  Kathy and I have played it and I enjoy it solo too.  Looking forward to opening gifts as I know there are several games there!


The Joyful Quilter said...

Congrats on finishing up your Geese on a String quilt top, Andee!! Merry Christmas!!

robyn MacKay said...

Beautiful! I love that! Is there a pattern for the strip geese? I’m also doing grassy creek. Waiting for clue 5 🎄♥️

robyn MacKay said...

Lol I’m sorry I meant string not strip ♥️