Thursday, December 10, 2020

Grassy Creek Clue Two

Clue two for Grassy Creek is complete.  Tiny little hourglasses.  I went with the old rotary cutting method and with Barb's help we figured out the Math wrong.  I did each step all the way through and it was not til I got to the put the HST's together to make the actual hourglasses that I realized I had made TWICE as many as I needed!  So I stopped at that step with half of them and am crossing my fingers they come up in a future clue (HAHAHAHHAHH!) but if not, I will use them somewhere.  Barb has her fabrics picked and sewed clue one all the wrong size!  She picked all of them off the paper and now has to resew them.  She has more patience than me!

Made more face masks.  These two are for Jeremy and Hannah.  I am working on Geese on a String in between Quiltville clues.  Have about a hundred geese completed now.  Taking my time and doing hem correctly.  

I had to make my Gingerbread house without any of my favorite nephews this year.  It was partly together from the last time we had it out and I think that made it even harder to make!  Anyway it was a fun past time while listening to my audiobook.

Have really gotten into solo gaming.  Here are my favorites so far.  I am currently addicted to Mint Works which was a print and play freebie.  I am using tiny white buttons for the "mints" in the game.  I did not have an altoid mint tin so I put it in this time from my mom.  I can also play this game on my phone (much faster) but of course I prefer the actual game in my hands. 

Not a great picture, but had our holiday meeting for Quilt Guild.  We had a show and tell and I shared my Quiltville Idaho Square Dance Christmas quilt.  



Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Look at you - keeping up, and ... over achieving haha!

Deb A said...

Looking good! Hmmm. I'm thinking those parts might make a neat row on the back somehow =)

scraphappy said...

Your tiny hourglasses are just adorable. Looks like you are catching up on lots of projects right now. Way to go!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Oh, goodness... No fun sewing mystery clues incorrectly!! :o((