Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Harley, Houses and Hazel!

Really enjoyed my Spooky Halloween Box this year.  I resold it but will read more by that author!  I made a bunch more masks for Christmas gifts.  I have more time and fabric than money so getting creative as always!  This style for my oldest son and his step son.  I did not take pictures of most of them. Thinking I may do a few more too now that I have a giant thing of elastic!
I finally put together the BQ2 pattern for Rachel and Bryan.  They wanted a "Harley" quilt and this was the best I could come up with after years of searching for just the right thing!  It went together fairly fast and I have leftover fabric too.  I bought most of it and the panel at the quilt show not long before Covid since they had a model one made and I knew I had finally found the right one...even if I had to add to my stuff to move across country.  It still needs a good pressing and a backing made, but I did make the binding already.
Harley binding ready and waiting!
I have been making a house a day since the start of Covid.  Finally put them into blocks so I could see how big it was getting.  I have another block about done since this picture.  

So hard to believe Hazel is 8 weeks old already!  We were over at their place Sunday for the Packer game and I got a video of her copying her mom sticking her tongue out a few times!  She is supposedly way too young for this, but she was not doing it til Hannah did it!  I grabbed the camera and caught it.  She is such a happy baby and my daughter such a good momma already!  She reads to her and plays and practices tracking her eyes left, right, up, down!  So fun to watch.  Her daddy is great with her too and considering he had NEVER changed a diaper jumps right in and does what needs to be done.  



The Joyful Quilter said...

I think the Harley quilt is sure to be a hit, Andee! Would you like a Harley T-shirt to piece into the backing or to use for the label? I may have one that I could send you. What size are those houses? Hazel is such a cutie!!

Angie said...

The Harley quilt turned out great - neat setting for some fun fabrics!