Monday, June 8, 2009

A few Simpler Bags

Finshed these simple bags from Denyse Schmidt's book for early Christmas presents. Kathy's great nephews are going to Ohio to stay with their grandfather since Kathy's niece is not really their mom and has left their dad. Sad story all around. We stuffed the bags with color books, crayons, a photo albulm with pictures of them and us all, glow bracelets and a Pez dispenser and candy. I am hoping they can bring the bags on the plane and it will all help entertain them. We will miss Mikey and Critter and hope to see them again in the future.
I am working on a second crochet washcloth, I have the hang of it! Also finished reading "The Suspicions of Mr. Wicher" by Kate Summerscale. It was pretty good and we are discussing it on my online BookiesToo group. I have been with that group since the beginning of the Oprah Book club craze and that was our original name...somewhere along the line we had to change our name since we weren't officially connected to Oprah but we continued to read her pics whenever she announces one.


Jane said...

What a lovely idea, I am sure they will love them

Becky said...

So did you take the knitting class? How was it? I have gotten pretty good at making the "grandmother's favorite" dishcloth.= and now can make one pretty quick.