Monday, June 15, 2009

Fabric, Bags and Crochet, Oh My!

I have had this Denyse Schmidt fabric on my list ever since I first saw it. I finally ordered and got 3 yards of it! I want to use it for the back of something I make with the Denyse Schmidt squares I have...I can just look at it if nothing else, it is really cool cheater fabric.
This is Michael Miller's Birds of Norway fabric. Well, you know I love birds and Norway by now right, so how could I resist? I plan to make a Bow Tucks purse from this and then use the rest in a mystery quilt I think. I love all those colors and I got two yards so it will go to good use!

Today I cut and sewed two (seems easier to do things like this in twos for me, then I feel like I really accomplished something!) of these Carry It All Tote's from Liberty Star by Renee Plains. I wanted to make a Christmas gift for Tiffany using this pattern and though I like it, I think I would like it more with different fabric. I thought this jeans look would go with most anything and hold up to everyday use. The second one (only difference is the lining) may go to Rachel in Norway for Christmas, not sure yet. I liked the pattern though I didn't put the stencil stuff on the pocket (may try a contrasting pocket next time) and I gave up on doing the handles the way the pattern wanted. I HATE turning out long skinny things and after twenty minutes and only half success on ONE handle I decided to use the bias tape maker (that has more than been worth its cost by now) to make the handles. They turn out nice enough and whip up in a lot less time. So two more down for Christmas, man I love that!
Kathy sat with me a bit and cut 3.5 by 6.5 inch bricks so that I can make some doggie quilts from them along with the four patches I have been making. It is a Bonnie K. Hunter pattern--Bricks and Stones I think it is called.
We are using our sunny yellow dishcloth, and I gave my sister the other one yesterday!
Went to Suli's housewarming party last night and gave her these. I have another potholder for her but ran out of yarn. I will be picking some up soon. Interesting though I followed the same pattern and it came out so much better and had these little lines going all around. I think I figured out what I didn't do the first time, but decided it would still work as a potholder regardless! We also gave Suli and Diego a bench like the one my great gpa Tony used to make. She was excited and said she will paint it.

I think I mentioned before that my crochet class decided to add four more meetings (two this week and two next week!) and today the teacher sent us info on what we will be making. It is the Lily Sugar N Cream Cottage Bag (available for free on their website after you register with them). So I will be picking up some pretty yarn to make that in too. I have been working on a granny square type blanket that I started years ago and then forgot how to I get it and have been using yarn that I have here and just going round and round on it. So relaxing, and I am sure CJ won't mind another afghan.
I have to work in a bit, but feeling quite content with all I am crafting. I am still waiting on my fabric order so that I can cut and work on the rest of clue one in the Holiday Lights mystery. Good thing I have two months until the next clue!


Jane said...

You are turning out bags at great speed, they look great. Look forward to seeing the one you make in crochet. That's my next project

Unknown said...

can anyone help me find crochet fabric in white for my wedding jacket/train?