Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two Quilts for my Cousin's Kids

My cousin Flo just had a little guy (Elliot) in Oregon and I decided I should send her a baby quilt for him. I got to thinking that when her daughter was born I intended to send her a quilt for her but never did so I am sending one for each of them now. Better late than never. I have had the nine patch one done for some time now (I made three awhile back and the other two found homes right away) and just today finished tying the streak of sunshine quilt with yellow floss.

Our new dog Zoe posed on the quilt and as I was shooing her off I realized it would make a cute picture so the pic stays, but Zoe will not be mailed off to Oregon! I put a label on the back of each of these and after I get them hand sewn on they will be wrapped and ready to go. I hope the kids like them.

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Jane said...

I am sur ethey will love them, the streak of sunshine is my favourite