Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vote for the WIP I Should Complete!

The Nimble Thimbles Quilt Guild I belong to is having a cool meeting on July 7th. I am not going to make it to that meeting since I signed up for a knitting class that night. However, they blogged and told us to bring in three WIP's or UFO's, etc. and show them to the members and have the members vote on which one we should strive to complete in the next year. I don't have near as many UFO's or WIP's as most, but I do have a few bothering me to get done. So I am going to show you three of them here (you may have seen me work on them previously!) and tell you what is holding me up from completing them, then you can vote and tell me which one you think I should get to completing! So even though I can't go to the meeting, I will take the challenge and do the one my readers (all six of you, lol) think I should do!

This first one is called "A Walk in the Park" and was in Quilter's Home. I love this quilt and put lots of work in it to date, but I have not mastered machine (or hand) applique enough to work on the flower blocks. Once I get that done, it will be a snap to get this put together!

The second one is "Bargello Seasons" which I made while taking a Quilt University class. I love how these turned out, and my challenge is that they are different sizes and so I haven't figured out a good way to sash and connect them into one quilt. I could complete all individually and change them out on my wall, but I like the idea of having them in one quilt. Again, I am stalled very near the end of this one.

The last choice is my "Stars" quilt. I made all these last year in the star block challenge in my NewQuiltingClub yahoo group. I used whatever I had to make them and learned a few things about points and value in the process. I have one block that I never finished because I couldn't master the inset seams on it (I have done a few here and there but this one nope!). Again, the blocks are all of different sizes and being a pattern gal I have been unable to figure out how to group them and sash them so they will all look great together.

I will count the votes on July 7th and the one with the most votes will be the one I focus my attention on finishing. I would love any suggestions you have or tutorials I should watch or whatever to help me complete these three quilts. I believe these are my only three true UFO's...I am actively working on other things and so I would like to get all of them off my list of to do's!

Thanks for your help! If anyone else wants to do this challenge too let me know, I would be happy to vote on your UFO's too! Andee in AZ


Claudia Maria said...

Hi Andee,
not easy to say, all 3 projects are marvelous.
The stars and bargellos are easy to bring in one size:
Sew a border around and cut back to one size.
For the stars e.g. choose the biggest star and make all the others the same size, just a border and cut back. Thats it. I suggest to leave the star you cant figure out how to do. Dont wait for the big bang in your brain to manage it, may this day will come in years and your starquilt will be an UFO all that time.
Just my two pence.

Claudia Maria in Germany

luv2craft said...

Hi Andee,

I vote for the Bargellos. They look so beautiful. I would concentrate on doing them as individual wall hangings, this way I can enjoy one for every season and not get tired of anyone in particular. I have been contemplating making a bargello quilt, I guess I'm a bit scared, but hopefully one of these days! So my vote again is the bargellos as individual wallhangings.


sally said...

My vote is the stars - it is the easiest to figure out how to do. As mentioned already - you can put borders around and then cut them back to the same size. By doing this one, it is sort of like the debt-snowball concept, you are encouraged by the completion of one and more apt to be motivated to tackle another.
BTW - I did a queen size bargello - I believe it is posted on my blog (majorly outdated - but ...)I do like your challenge concept - may just have to take you up on it - AFTER fireworks. LOL.

Jane said...

And just to be different, I am going for number one. That's my favourite and I'd love to see that finished

Anonymous said...

I too vote on the stars as I like the scrappy look and would love to see it finished,,Latrelle

Sue said...

A Walk In The Park....The only way to master machine or hand applique is by having a go! :)

Anonymous said...

Please finish A Walk in the Park! Hand-applique is not difficult once you get going. Just remember to make small stitches (I made that mistake on my first hand-applique) and you will be fine.

Corinne in CA

Anonymous said...

I think the star quilt would be the easiet and quickest finish, as well as very pretty when finished.
Do as suggested earlier, measure the biggest and then make all blocks that size.

Rose Marie said...

Since I love applique .... A Walk in the Park would be my obvious choice.