Saturday, April 10, 2021

Farm Girl Vintage Start

Hazel is starting to cruise!  She was chasing the ball in this picture.  Just a bit over six months old and such a happy girl!  She loves to be read to and her favorite book at my house is "That's Not My Puppy!" which we read at least once each day.

Just finished my latest book box.  The story was good though lots of "convenient" things happening to interrupt things all the time.  It got on my nerves a bit.
Finished the Kathleen Tracy Mini Mystery.  She decided to surprise us with the last clue (borders) a few days after the previous clue so now I have another flimsy to quilt.
Sunshine just had a bath a few days ago (Bug did too!) and she was a quick pose on my quilt.
Finally getting around to making some Lori Holt blocks.  My old guild did this a few years ago (a different one each month) but I think it was when I was in the thick of working and sleeping and never went to guild so I did not make any.  And I decided I may as well make two at a time while I am cutting.  Not sure why since I do not know what I am doing with one of these tops much less two.  Anyways I am using up my scraps. Yesterday I made pumpkins....
and today I made cherries.
I am also working on a swap quilt in reproduction fabrics.  It is a mini.  No pictures until the swap is complete.  I made two little tops (one for me to keep as always) and after quilting the first one I realized that is was ONE INCH too small on each side as I did not pay attention to the minimum size.  ACK.  So since I had erroneously cut almost double what I needed to sew my two quilts I had enough left to sew two more.  Today I pieced up another one and added a small border to it so it fits the size requirements!  Now it needs quilting.  Progress!


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