Monday, April 19, 2021

Farm Girl Vintage Progress

Sometimes I lay my blocks out on the boards I made (also Lori Holt inspired) and other times I just put the parts on there and go for it.  The Farmhouse Blocks went together nicely.  I love the one that the butterfly shows in the roof!
The Old Red Barn blocks got some hexi fabric instead of the little block they were supposed to get.  I also pulled out some of the red fabric that I had stored in the barn quilt bin.  Years ago I really wanted to make one of the barn quilts with different blocks in them (like Lori Holt's) and so I started collecting all kinds of stuff (the hexi stuff too!) for that purpose.  Time goes by and now I do not think I will be making that quilt.  I may make a tablerunner though as she has a pattern for that too with silos.  So it was time to tap into the little collection I had amassed!  
I LOVE the Kettle's On! blocks.  So much fun choosing the fabrics for these and they just tickle me!
Sunday, I did a little cleaning in the quilting studio.  Moved some stuff and cleaned under and behind.  It was not bad, but my floormat needed to come up and be cleaned under, so why not just do the whole sitting area.  Then I had some fun and made my Penny Pig blocks and got their cute little tails on.
I then made some crows.  I bought this pattern several years ago to make a mug rug for my mom since her dad was always called "old crow" as he could be crotchety and he drank Old Crow.  I meant to cut and sew three of these so I could finally do that for her (Mother's Day is coming) but I forgot and only did two.  Today I may go ahead and make another pair (two is easier than one I think) and maybe I will have an easier time with the legs.  Really hard to get them to look like they are on the body of the crow.  Only block I have struggled with so far.  Did lots of ripping (I also forgot the black under the wings the first time through--my brain was tired and so this had a steep learning curve) and resewing.  From a galloping horse it looks fine.  

Thinking I might get to the cows, cat, or the sheep after a few more crows!  Why is there no dog?  I do not think I have seen one.  Off to Google that!  Search shows there is one in the Spelling Bee book which I do not have....HAPPY SEWING!

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The Joyful Quilter said...

Nice progress on those darling blocks, Andee!!