Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Sewing with Megan

 I spent a lot of time working on Smith Mountain Morning today.  I was making a zillion star points.  I put together one block to make sure I was sizing them right.  And I laid it out with the others to get a sense of it.
 That motivated me to go gangbusters on the star points.  I won't mention how I can't count and so I have WAY TOO MANY browns.  I think my border shall be a creative variation on Bonnie's plan.  Either that or I have a start on another one down the line.
And in other news, Megan made her quilt larger.
 Then we spray and pin basted it and she got to quilting!
 She did a great job and was very patient when the machine was giving her thread problems.  She would just rip it out and just keep on trucking.
 Then I taught her how to make the binding and she attached it all herself by machine.  It really looks great for a first quilt.  I am seriously proud of this gal!  Way to go Megan!  She is already thinking about what she wants to do for her next quilt!


scraphappy said...

Beautiful. You have to keep going on this one, it is just amazing.

Amy said...

Nice progress on SMM. LOVE blues and browns....

And Megan's quilt will be cherished. Nice job, Teach :)

Maddy said...

Very effective color combo love the pattern you chose.