Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Little Modern Quilting

 Did a quick run to JoAnn's today and used my 40 percent off coupon to buy this yard of fabric which includes four Denyse Schmidt fat quarters.  So cute...I hope the other three find their way to me soon!
 I put a back on my Lil' Twister and quilted and bound it.  My featherweight bent a needle part way through the binding and now needs to visit the repair guy again.  Sigh, I was going slow and everything!  Anyways I finished up the binding on my Diamond.
 It isn't perfect but it is acceptable.  It is just for me anyways so it is all good.  Will try to remember to bring this to show and tell for the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild meeting since it is made with modern fabrics.  Now I am settled in in front of the TV to watch the Olympics.  I am going to unsew my cheddar quilt..the last row I put on needs some adjustment.  I have put too much time into that quilt to ignore it, so unsew I will.  If I finish that I will knit.  My schedule is suddenly freed up tomorrow so I don't have to work.  YAY!  There will be sewing tomorrow!

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scraphappy said...

Love your little twister! Bummer about the featherweight though. Olympic viewing and binding sewing going on here.