Friday, July 6, 2012


 For an early birthday present Kathy got me this Singer Featherweight that I have been wanting for several years.  Just when I think my machine cravings are satisfied I find another one I want (Bonnie Hunter isn't helping in this regard, lol) now I see Singer has a new "retro" machine that looks a bit like a Featherweight and is black...I wouldn't not be sad if that one came to live with me!  But back to this one which I thought would be the last (roflmfao!) Kathy had it serviced and the guy did a great job (Mr. Sew and Vac for all you locals) this is the third place I have been to in this area for machine work and the first one I have been SATISFIED with.  And he guaranteed it for a year.  She sews great and I love the way it purrs along.  I sewed on it for hours yesterday and will again today.  I had the guy give me a new foot pedal because I can't do that toe type button, love her!
 In other news, Melissa my Santa Swap partner sent me my first can't read the notes, but two say something about NOT peeking (I didn't) and one is open me now.  I wish I had thought to wrap the open me now one for her, I just filled it with gifts and sent it that way!
 So this is what I opened.  A gorgeous and HUGE hand crocheted stocking.  It fits the two big gifts she sent with plenty of room for more.  (We are sending two each month but can't open til Christmas).  Thanks Melissa!
 The toe isn't full yet so this pic looks a bit funny!
 Here is me last night with Bug in her pouch.  She wants to be up where she can see but didn't want to be in it last night so we eventually put her on my sewing machine cover (from last year's Santa Swap) on the table between us and she was happy!

I made a few bindings and stuck them in the drawer, have one to go for the quilt Ros just gave back to me.

 Kathy cut out Lincoln Schnibbles (Amy guessed it!) and I pieced all the rail fence blocks last night.  So all that is left is the sawtooth stars!
Not the greatest picture but I made six more Anita's Arrowhead blocks last night too.  Today Becky is coming over to sew so I should be getting more done.  Always so nice to sew with a friend!


soscrappy said...

Sew much going on! Happy early birthday. Looks like you have lots of goodies and surprises to keep you going for a while.

Amy said...

Well Andee! That is an excellent Potpourri post! A little bit of fun shown in every picture. It's a shame we didn't live closer; my girls would volunteer to house-sit Bug ANYDAY!

Shannon said...

Seeing Bug on that cover I made you made me smile!! She looks so sweet there!!

Shannon said...

Here is the link to my post about Bug!