Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blissful Sewing Day!

 Started off by making my sister's crown quilt binding...her birthday (and Kathy's) are next Friday...I need to pick up her quilted quilt from Ros and get it bound to give her next weekend.  Where does the time go?
 Here are the blues I cut the other night.  And today I added all the browns.  (Still need to cut the muslin so I can start putting the last units together!)
 Since I was tired of cutting I decided to play around and sew some bags.  This led to organizing all my zippers by color (see Amy there is another page for our book!).
 Meanwhile Kathy finished up her clue for the mystery.  Loving the look of this one.  She can hardly wait for the next clue.
 Then I made a few more modern looking bags.
 All while listening to Isabel Allende's "The Sum of Our Days" which was good.  Finished it tonight so it can go back to the library.
 I cut into my modern fabrics and sewed squares together.   I am sure you can guess where I am going with these blocks.  Always a dog in my pictures...
 And the border...
 And tada another Lil' Twister.  This is the first one I have made with the tiny, tiny ruler I bought awhile back.
 See how small it is?  Love it!
 Kathy continued to sew the leftover bits from the Night and Day quilt I made almost two years ago into these blocks.  She isn't too happy with the centers, so she insists I do that part on the remaining blocks.  There are lots of seams that come together and we haven't followed Eleanor's directions to spin the seams or whatever..but maybe I will try to figure that out.
So most of the day was spent in quiet company with Kathy and our audiobook while sewing and cutting to our own beat.  It was really relaxing.  Tomorrow I plan to cut the muslin and start sewing that last unit.  Megan is coming over again to work on her little quilt so I will have a companion.  Kathy thinks she will make some dog biscuits with Ayla.  Speaking of that...Kathy has launched her new website where she sells homemade dog biscuits.  The dogs love them (even June's dog who is quite fussy about what he will eat!) so if you are interested check out 


Amy said...

Definitely a blissful sewing day!
Excellent cutting progress on SMM; mine also sits in a UFO pile; I need to determine what to do for a backing. the 'book' comment :-)
"If a quilter tires of cutting, there's always zippers to organize. (by color!)"

And WOW!!!!!! I had loved Kathy's fabrics before....but Now! Seeing them together..... It's sooooooooo pretty!

Have fun with Megan today. Be sure to post her progress.

Becky said...

When you come to my house this weekend will you bring the twister pattern and template? I'd like to try making one.