Friday, July 27, 2012

QOV Mystery Blocks :)

 I took a sub job today for most of the day (and it started early!) then I got a quick haircut and went to Kathy's sister's house for a visit and a swim.  We then came home and working on the QOV Mystery.  Here is the start of my blocks and then them turned into stars.

 I then did the other block and guessed on a possible layout for a picture.  I don't think mine is super exciting but it is red, white and blue and maybe borders will perk it up a bit..or maybe I guessed the layout wrong!

 Kathy is doing hers scrappy with scraps I LOVE.  So this one appeals to me much more.  She did all her centers and stars and is working on the second is a sample of what they will look like.

I did a few more baby burp clothes too.  That was today's sewing...tomorrow I need to get back to cutting the rest of the pieces for Smith Mountain Morning.  I can't wait to see some more progress on those blocks!

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Amy said...

LOVELY potential layout! I haven't gotten that far; was hoping the clues would have been posted earlier yesterday :\

Sounds like you had an amazing day.