Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sewing Day with Becky

 I got my binding on and the quilt done before Becky arrived.  Front and can't see it too well but the white has the Eiffel Tower on cousin loves Paris so that why it is on there.  I couldn't get it to work on the front and didn't have enough of it, lol.  At least the little suitcases say different destinations and so some say Paris.
 I also made a few more diaper purp type pads but no pics.
 And my first little Lincoln Schnibbles star...this is 5 inches and SO cute!
 Becky was having fun with her leftover hsts.  This turned out really cute when it was done and was made with the leftovers from a quilt she made her son awhile back.  I think she said it was the third bonus wallhanging or that there are still enough left over for a third.  Waste not, want not!
 And Becky pressing away.  More of my starts.
 Here is Becky's wallhanging, love it!  She liked the dark stop border...I realized I tend to go light to dark on my borders (if I am picking and now following pattern) but definitely like the look of a stop border, so filing that away in my mind!  The outer blue fabric was June's and went perfectly with some of the blues in the hsts!
 Becky also working on an Auntie's Anvil and on her Anita's Arrowhead, but I didn't get any pictures of either!  Must be more vigilant!
 And here is my July free choice...Lincoln Schnibbles.  I bought this as a kit two quilt shows ago and am so happy to finally have it together.  I really took my time and it is the first one I did ALL of on my new Featherweight.  I learned how to thread the sucker...took me awhile even though I had taken a picture and looked it up on the internet.  There is a tricky part where you have to move this one part up to hook the thread in the right place (unlike any other machine I have threaded) and though it took me awhile, I did eventually get it and I think I am on my way to a HAPPY relationship with this machine.
Amy of Amy's Passions Blog challenged me to join a mystery group she is in on Yahoo that does mysteries for QOV's and such.  I love a good mystery and I am really trying to up the ante on QOV's to send to Alycia over at Alycia Quilts in Colorado for our veterants.  I had promised I would at least be started by July ..and here is the start.  The fabric is picked (red and blue were June's) and the cutting instructions are printed.  I am on my way!
Kathy, Lee and I are on our way to see "Safety Not Guaranteed" at the I need to get dinging!  Hopefully more sewing later.  


scraphappy said...

LOTS of quilt happiness going on! Glad you are being so productive. Love those little stars.

Amy said...

Your day definitely beat mine, hands down! But I can't wait to join in with you on the mystery :)

Roslyn said...

You HAVE been busy stitching Andee. I love your Lincoln Schnibbles with all the stars.

Sinta Renee said...

Looks like you had a very fun and productive day with Becky. Your star is beautiful... and of course I love your Lincoln!

Michele said...

Beautiful Andee! I just love it :-)