Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild July Meeting

 Some of these pictures are upside down but I am not gonna worry about it!  These are the show and tells that I got pictures of from last Saturday's meeting.  Jill started us off with this beauty.  She also showed us some cool orange funky log cabin blocks.
 Becky showed us her Auntie's Anvil (which is now done since that meeting!)
 She was working on hand quilting all through the meeting and even later on after she got tired of machine sewing at my place.  Here is her hand sewn hexie quilt..grandmother's flower garden ish.  I LOVE it!
 Georgette showed us her hands free mail sack bag in batiks.
 Martha showed us her bag (which she offered to teach us how to make) which is far more gorgeous than this picture shows.  She and Patty (next to her) are from another guild I was in and I have been to quilt camp with them several times in case you recognize them.  They said they will be coming back so it is nice to see old friends again!
 This one is also Martha's Athena's Puzzle.  Really pretty brights!
 The back is just as appealing...something it seems modern quilters are apt to do...make a pretty back so the quilt is twice as nice.

 Patty shared some gorgeous applique projects.  I CANNOT wait to see this one come together.  I was almost tempted to make one myself then I remembered the last applique quilt and how I wound up getting it quilted without appliqueing it.
 Another one from Patty.
 Upside down T Shirt quilt by Michelle.  She said this is only her second quilt and she was trying to decode our language the whole meeting.  We assured her she would be understanding us in no time.  She obviously has what it takes, quite a nice quilt here for number two!  She said she "quilts by check" and I will from now on use that phrase as I mostly do too!
 Chesla shared this beauty!  She said this is all paper pieced.
 Again, the back is as nice as the front!
 She also did a SWOONalong block.  Hers is resized and has a cool block in the center.  Such talent!
 Nedra shared her Mumbo Gumbo quilt.  She has taught many classes of this quilt.  Love its scrappy goodness.
 This one is absolutely exquisite.  Not one I would ever attempt, but Nedra really outdid herself with this..I LOVE the colors and the look of it.  (by the way, Nedra has a blog and she got better pictures than I did if you want to see them!) This is a Judy Niemeyer "Pie in the Sky" pattern.
 Alyssa shared her bag with hexagons on it..really cute.  She had several cute things to show us which I didn't get good pictures of.
 She shared this little quilt--the modern medallion.

 Here is one she made for her little one.

 Another ADORABLE back.
 This is one for her son too.  She explained how she did the letters for this..we all agreed that is what makes the quilt.  Funny how one detail can really change the whole look for the better.
Picture borrowed from
Allysa is hosting a totally groovy quiltalong at  that looks like fun.  I thought this looked kind of hard, but she assures me that it isn't and that there will be lots of tutorials to help us along the way.  I am hoping to win the pattern because then I will HAVE TO do it.  I like the fun and funky look of this quilt.  If you are joining in on this, please comment me and motivate me to just jump in!
Danny shared this funky quilt. Cool fabric.

 I really love the fabric on the back and had never seen it before!  (Michael Miller, Peacock Lane) She also shared a cool Farmer's Wife cloth baby book she made with six of those itty bitty blocks.  Amy and Angela keep posting these cute little blocks and I have been thinking I might do a few one of these days and see if I like making them...if not, someone will wind up with this little book if I can get six made!
 Oh  I shared this Schnibbles which I haven't given away yet and then my Bargello Seasons so I could get more advice on what to do with it.  Seems if I had a light color all the way around instead of the green I might like it better.  Someone also suggested quilting it from the center out in a diamond type pattern.
It was a fun meeting and I couldn't believe that there were five of us that were from Nimble Thimbles.  I no longer go to those meetings (a weeknight when I work now) but it was nice to see these gals again!  Our group will be meeting in August on the 18th at 1:15 PM at the Downtown Police Department.  If you are in the area please come and see us!  

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Let's see .... August 18th.... I'll have to put that on my calendar straight away! :)

What a fun quilt guild show to look through. Thanks for sharing all the pics!